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Mostly anyways.. I Had to say this to somebody. Like how would this be real. This is mostly my account to troll people on...
Some concepts are things actually want to do but i'm not good at drawing that much (On computers anyways im good with pens) which is why i made a joke account.... Good news though, if i learn how to take pictures better on pc's then i'll show my actual art talent.

.... I Have a feeling people don't believe i even have fucking talent so i'm going to go do that picture thing i mentioned now.
[The main characters info will be here. 482 Azelf Azelf: The Second-Oldest sister. She's somewhat overprotective, but she is a powerful and good sister. "The spirit of Will Power" is what they call her. She is also pretty adventurous. 481 Mesprit Mesprit: The Youngest sister of the bunch. She's usually very playful and mischevious. She's average on the power department. "The Spirit of Emotions/Feeling" Is what they call her. 480 Uxie  Uxie: The Oldest and most Knowledgable sister of the bunch. She is very powerful, but somewhat fragile. She can erase a persons memory or control someone if she opens her eyes. The characters that show up in this story will have info displayed. Anyways start. Today was a rare day for the spirit sisters. They got to be together again in a family reunion. Of course Mesprit, the most energetic one woke up early and went to Uxie's home. Uxie always looked tired so when Mesprit got there she didn't know if she was asleep, or awake. Uxie somehow saw Mesprit and went to her to greet her, as she always does. But Then a big boom happened. It heard like It came from Azelf's Lake... Mesprit: What was that?!?!?! Uxie: I Don't know.. Mesprit, fly there it sounded like it came from Azelfs lake! So she flew there. When Mesprit got there she gasped. All of the water seemed to be drained and all of the poor, poor, Magikarps were left there flopping.. Magikarp emoticon Magikarp Avatar  Mesprit saw some weird blue-haired futuristic looking people... Mesprit went inside of Azelfs Cave... But there was a man there, who had Azelf captive.... Mesprit got mad and tried to defeat the men. Though to Mesprits surprise she saw The man had a red chain.... He used it and Mesprit got Mind controlled... A Few hours later Uxie was worried and she tried to fly there but there was a blonde haired kid and a weird futuristic purple haired girl there fighting with there pokemon.... Unfortunately the kid lost, and the futuristic woman grabbed uxie and caged it.. Uxie: Agh!!!!!!!! and the three trios woke up inside of weird cages... The pain was very very ... well painful. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf couldn't move or destroy the cages due to the man controlling them to keep them in place... Uxie was groaning, Mesprit and Azelfs tails were twitching badly. Then a kid with a red cap the kid with blonde hair and a kid with blue hair and a piplup appeared. The commander of the team [galactic] fought them, but failed. The kids released all of the helpless pokemon [Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf] So they went back to their homes and continued with their meeting. Uxie: That was painful and crazy... Mesprit: Yeah... It interrupted us, that's for sure! Azelf: I wish I knew were they were now... I want to pound their face in. Uxie: I Sense a powerful aura!... They went outside. The sky was distorted and odd... They teleported to sky pillar and saw Dialga, Giritina and Palkia... So they stopped the threes rampage. [Next chapter coming soon! Also heres a tutorial for catching Uxie Mesprit and Azelf. Or any legendary in a cave. So first lower its health preferably down to red HP. Then make it have a status effect, preferably sleep, then throw a Dusk Ball at it. Or a timer ball if it took a long time. For mesprit and any roaming Pokémon you need to have a quick ball and a pokemon with mean look or the ability arena trap. Then your set! Also save before catching legendarys, so u can reset if you need to].              Bye~! Satisfied 648 Meloetta 648 Meloetta Dance form 
[Setting: Lavender Town A Creepy and Abandoned town] [This is sort of interactive so yeah] [When it gives you choices go to the random number next to the choice and scroll down to get to the point] [You are a Cubone searching for its mother. Begin!] You see a rather small town when you are walking. What do you do? Go to the town [1] Avoid the town and keep searching [2]

[1] You decide to go to the town. Couldn't hurt right? So you're walking to the town, and Suddenly you feel chills up your spine. You feel like you belong here or Something BIG Is going to happen. Walk away from the town [2] Go into a odd tower [3] Wait for eternity [4]

[2] You decide to not go to the town anyways. After like 70 Hrs. Of trying to find your mom you start to get hungry and you head for home. Game over. You didn't find your mum. Or optionally you starve and die. Either one leads to a Game Over.

[3]   You look at a tall tower in the small town. You decide you should go in. Mom might be there. You see many graves and skeletons in the tower. You're frightened. Go in anyways and explore some more. [5] Turn into a tyrantrum and destroy them all [6]

[4] You waited there for eternity. Legends say that Cubone still fucking sat there for no reason. Game over. You starved to death.... This is seeming like a common pattern.

[5] You run, aiming for the staircase and hoping not to get caught by the skeletons. They weren't moving though. just your imagination screwing you over. So on the second floor you see many Humans and what seems to be 10 Yr. Olds Sobbing at graves. At the time you don't know what a "Grave" Is and you are highly confused at why there crying. Ask them why they're crying [7] Just go along with it and go to the next floor. [8]

[6] I'M A MOTHERF'IN T-REX! You shout, as you somehow transform into a Tyrantrum and crush the place. You have blood on your hands. You feel good and satisfied with the way the trip turned out. You don't care about your mom anymore. [Funny and Creepy Ending!]

[7] You politely ask all of them why they're crying. Unfortunately they don't know what your saying because to a human your just saying "Cubone! Cubone?" [Go back to 5]

[8] You decide it doesn't matter anyways. You run to the stairs and climb the stairs. More graves are found. There's even a ghost waiting for you. What do you do? [9] Ask the ghost if Marowak/Kangaskhan/Charizard/Mom is here. [10] Fight the ghost with your Mom's armbone you always carry around.

[9] You ask the ghost if your Mom is here. The ghost says in a depressing and creepy lifeless voice: I Haven't seen.. A Marowak/Kanghasken/Charizard/WHATEVER THE FVCK [Go back to 8]

[10] You quickly pull out the bone you have and charge at the ghost hitting it. Unfortunately for you, Ghost's can't feel. It went through the ghost. [In a creepy voice] The ghost says; Hahaha.. You think you can hurt me?.. Sorry for scaring you I suppose. You don't need to self-defend yourself against a ghost after all.... You shrug and try to forget it. [Part 2 will be coming when I can actually waste my time on writing If you want more CreepyPasta's or Part 2 Just tell me via Note or using comments.
This will be listing off EVERY Account I have. PC Accounts: DeviantArt: (Duh) MeloettaDrawings Roblox: PleasantWitch (With the capitals in the P and W)  TotalJerkface: (Don't have account will get one soon) Miscellanious: Miiverse: Chara (The one with the Profile Description thats says something like "Im chara ima try 2 be reformed" since theres a lot of Charas) and Chica (Not in use) The one with the description that's like H-Hey kids! and glitchy sounding. How to friend me using 3DS Or WiiU:Post your friendcode in the comments and here's mine: 268094247260 (Yeaahh...) you may name me Meloetta, Ethereal or Chara. or something else IDontCare (IDC) Pokémon:Autumn (ORAS)  Fandoms i'm in: (The Obvious Ones 1st) DeviantArt (if you call it a fandom) Five Nights at Freddys (1 2 3 and 4) Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Plushtrap  (not even slighty interested in fnaf anymore...) Pokémon Mew :pokemonmlg:  and MLP:FIM (My little pony Friendship is Magic) FREE Rainbow Dash icon   And i have a newfound love for undertale Undertale - Where Are The Knives GIF  (BTW Im on deviantart Roblox and pokemon the most) 
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? About a month or so. I signed up sometime in June.

  2. What does your username mean? As you all know I like Pokémon and my FAVORITE Pokémon is Meloetta. I Put drawings cause I like to draw and this is deviantart.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Artist, Fangirl, Flower.

  4. Are you left or right handed? LEFT HANDED FTW! XD

  5. What was your first deviation? Ghost Pony by MeloettaDrawingsThis is. IK it sucks but I suck at drawing on PC. I'm better doing it IRL.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Fanmade of course! I like to create fanmade art for FNAF, MLP And Pokémon.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? A different artstyle? Me? Nah i'm fine. I don't have a different artstyle I like. Hehe~

  8. What was your first favourite? Vulpix by Jeniakthis BEAUTIFUL Vulpix by jenniak. Found it on my Pokémon group GlobalDex.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? As I said Fanmade.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? dennybutt!! I mean he and all other good artists inspired me to draw on deviantart!For most other deviantartists questions he will usually be the answer.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? As I said dennybutt. Also everyone of my watchers and who I watch. Though dennybutt made these

    Celestia's Day by DVixie

    Acacias by DVixie So whats not to love?His art is amazing! I'm so happy plz XDDDD WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) 

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? All of them have sort of... ask the FBB brothers inspired me for the ask series dennybutt and other great artists have inspired me to draw and make fanfics and my watchers make me feel to keep on going!

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Prefered tools? Fill bucket paintbrush and the shape thing. All are on if you want to see.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My most inspirational places to draw is in my house and on deviantart.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? When I joined I suppose. It was like I knew my destiny. Fortune Teller 

So, since the (recent) release of FNaF 4 there will be theorys. You will be flooding in them. So many theorys..... ANYWAYS I'm here to make sense of the StoryLine of FNaF 4. Heres the genre's of the theorys. (They are in a order!) The Plot (1ST) The Minigames (2ND) How the animatronics got into the house (3RD) The Characters (4TH) Extras/Facts (5TH) WARNING:Spoilers! Anyways. (The plot) So FNAF 4 Has minigames.... Like any other FNAF Title. The thing is that theres dialogue. Y'know like a RPG. BUT The thing is the plot. This and (The Minigames 2ND Genre) Are kind of sharing a spot since the storyline and plot are tied by a thick string of minigames. Anyways the main plot is basically that the Bite of 87' Victim is having nightmares of the animatronics, Which might be because of brain damage.. Which is easy to tell since that theorys very much true to the storyline. Though its true you might have some trouble believing it. Watch a playthrough of FNAF 4 Maybe yamimash's or Markiplier's. Or play the game yourself, If you have the guts for it. Anyways were getting off track to the main thing. The minigames tell that a boy is waiting for a party but the rest will be explained about now. (The Minigames) As said in the 1ST Genre the Minigame's are RPG Like. That being said, its easier to know whats going on instead of the flood of theories trying to tell it. So in the first minigame you are trapped in your room because your older jerky brother locked you in. FnaF Icon [54] - FnaF4 Child  To complete it you have to ram into the door knocking on it. then you will cry on the floor. The image of the room seems nice. You have your fredbear doll, your regular FNAF Dolls and you bed. It seems after the kid crys himself to sleep he dreams. Or rather, has a Nightmare. Which is were the gameplay comes in. So you have to listen for breathing check the closet and your bed ETC. The reason this kid has the Nightmares he has are explained later. The 2nd minigame being were your door is (Finally) Unlocked but your jerk-brother is hiding. How to complete:Go to the room with the tv get close to it and your brother will scare you. Which makes a jumpscare noise. The 3RD Minigame I kind of forgot. I think it has to do with someone being inside the fredbear or golden freddy suit and makes you hide under the table. the 4TH has you go out of the pizzeria (the place were the 3rd minigame takes place in) and has you trying to go in your house again to escape the horror you saw. Which your brother is hiding under the bed of your room and scares you. AGAIN. Which this is another hide and seek minigame. As I said you have to go in your room and another jumpscare noise and your brother will appear. the 5TH Is the most violent. The party is going on but your brother and his friends (Supposedly his friends anyways) Are talking about how much of a baby you are. (Or the main character whatever). And there SO BAD that they are trying to get his brother killed.Surprise fella (Smileys)   I mean I don't think that's there intentions but that's what happens. Let me explain: They pick you up when your BEGGING Them to put you down. As usual, your brother and the older kids don't listen. They take you close to the stage were you can see Fredbear and Golden Bonnie/Springtrap's shadow. You still beg them to put you down but they just put you CLOSER.. (AKA Up to fredbears face) And then one of the kids has the "Bright" idea of making a joke that isn't funny. THEY PUT YOU INSIDE FREDBEARS MOUTH. Struggling, fredbear doesn't know what to do.... So he closes his mouth and your frontal lobe is bit off, causing the bite of 87'... Nightmare Fredbear | Jumpscare | GIF icons Chat |  (SO PLEASE STOP MAKING THEORYS OF WHO DID THE BITE..) But if we gather info from what the phoneguy in the 1st game said "Its amazing how the body can survive without the frontal lobe" Therefore the kid most likely survived. The last BUT Saddest minigame is the last one. Even though the tragic party is over, you are scarred. You just reject your dolls. The Fredbear doll is sad, and trys to make up for it but its something you will never forget. Slowly all FNAF Related dolls you have fade out not taking a part of your life. Even fredbear who tried to fix you. BUT Have you noticed something? There are FNAF1 Dolls. Fredbear's Family Diner existed when Freddy Fazbears did. Or the FNAF1 Pizzeria recently opened.How can fredbear mysteriously talk? Well I can't make sense of that much, but I think the main characters a BIG Fan of the pizzeria(s) so he saw his doll as a friend. As a imaginary friend who would always be there for him. But the main character thinks that fredbears betrayed him by biting him. And he loses all hope for his (Once) imaginary friends. This explains most of the storyline too. (3RD Genre how the animatronics got in) Since its a Nightmare you can expect he has them about the animatronics. Mostly scarred that his brother scares him and locks him in his room. This is short because its a simple genre. (4TH The Characters) Each nightmare character is how the kid views them in his nightmares. Scary, a force to be reckoned with, and dangerous. Though some characters are odd..... Like the mysterious character Nightmare. He looks like nightmare fredbear had a emo baby... He only appears in the 7TH Night and maybe the 8TH I believe. And also the cupcake, the mini freddys, and plushtrap are very odd. The most intriguing characters being these bunch. Plushtrap has a marionette type of feature, Nightmare PlushTrap | Jumpscare |GIF icons Chat|  Cupcake just don't ask, Nightmare Cupcake | Jumpscare | GIF icons Chat |  and minifreddys like some theorys believed were able to attack you themselves and not just a decoration for nightmare freddy. (5TH Genre Extras+Facts) So the features are: Minigames, Fun with plushtrap, the main game, nightmare mode, and the extras menu itself. Like usual the extras menu has:Characters, Jumpscares, Minigames (I think), And the modes and cheats. But there are new features! The how you create the animatronics. This is how scott made the animatronics and I suppose he wants to share his magic. They only show how to create faces except fredbear...  Anyways that's all the theorys I have to explode out of my mouth! See you in the next deviation or journal entry!
(Characters:HearthFire Blood Dragon Male Hates Humans 110,000 years old Snarky Stuck-Up but Defends Others W/ Life) (Uranium the Steel Dragon; Male Teenage Neutral to war of scales and skin loves to fly and shoots out armor damaging acid brave and loves to take action 59 yrs. Shiny Grey Color) (Humans;Your normal day boring human that's a side character also BTW All humans are warriors) (LoveLurk the Poison-Pink dragon; Female caretaker of all eggs hunter Pink colored spits out flesh-burning acid 15,000 years old Caring and Kind) (Dragons; Another side character(s) in the story just the other dragons that are just for the storyline and war purposes) (Setting:Drake Deeps). (Now starting) Narrator:The Great Dragon War was one fought century's ago but it is worth talking about. One so intense that It made a deep scare into earths core. Not really but you know what I mean. The Dragons side Protecting against there kind and there problems with the humans. The humans being foolish enough to not tame these creatures, but instead kill them for there chewy weird tasting meat. The dragons try to repopulate but right when they turn there backs usually a human gets the egg before the dragon sees. This made the dragons furious and thus, starting the war. The one who started it.... His name is HearthFire. A very important character to this story. HearthFire has hated humans since they've set foot onto the Land that dragons once owned. Drake Deeps. He has started this war and is probably the most powerful dragon to date. Though he hates humans if they're are enough of them they might just win. The humans are the weaker but more populated race so if the dragons are alone they could easily take one out. Oh yes. The wars name was "The war of Flesh and Scales." Simply because humans have flesh and dragons have scales. Anyways lets spectate are little "War Dragon" HearthFire. HearthFire: Damn these humans and there stupid love for killing us. Lets see how they like it if we turn the tables....We must train are men..errr... dragons. (BTW Hearthfire has a scary deep voice) ???:Uhhh excuse me, ...HearthFire is it?... I have a uhh... little letter for you. HearthFire:Hmmm? And who might you be?... Uranium: I'm Uranium. A steel dragon who has no business in the war whatsoever. HearthFire: Mmmm. Well I guess I should read the letter. Is what its made for anyways. Letter:More power we should have. HearthFire we need more dragons....It's getting  SO HARD To fight around here....Hopefully you send better gear and stuff.. ~Yours Truly (Insert dragon OC Name here or random dragon name here) HearthFire:Oh well..... Guards! Guards:Yes sire? HearthFire: Please alarm the blacksmith that we absolutely NEED  Better armor... Honestly my dragons are dieing... Guards:Yes we will inform him. *They fly off in a hurry* HearthFire:Now that that's taken care of we need to start breeding. Uranium:Uhh... Sir? I have a friend who is good at taking care of eggs...Uhhh if that helps.. HearthFire:Thank you boy! I should hire you to be a spy. Uranium:No thanks...Well.. Maybe.. I don't like wars isn't much of my business... Also what does that have to do with spying....? HearthFire:Oh well I guess you were a lost cause to begin with.. Uranium:Just don't answer my question completely...Ugh fi- HearthFire:I WAS GETTING TO THAT... *Ehem* I dunno you just have a lot of info.. Well...Why are you delivering letters to begin with? That's war business. Uranium:Ok maybe it is kind of but still. Someone just gave me it and told me to give it to you. HearthFire: Hmmm.. Well whatever.. But I will take a rest.. See you again maybe? Uranium:Maybe. Narrator:WAIT! It isn't done yet we still have much of the story to complete! Me:I'm tired writing ok...*Goes to sleep* (Part 2/Chapter 2 will be coming out soon so keep a look out!Bye!)
MY ROBLOX FINALLY WORKS AGAIN! So you can actually play with me now! How to do it: Step 1: Make a roblox account and download roblox 2:Go to the little search bar (Not the one at the top the roblox searchbar) And type PleasantWitch 3:Click "PleasantWitch" In people 4:Click my account 5:Click send friend request. Thx! And plz play my game "A visit to Freddy Fazbears Pizza (Update!)." as always have fun~ 
Have you always wondered; What is (Insert fnaf character's name)'s gender? Well I'm here to solve this.While its just a random argument certain characters are questionable of what gender it is. And for the 


 shoosh about it. I mean I'm not trying to be mean but the thing is the fandom constantly argues about these things that don't matter much. I mean the souls of the dead children have genders but it's usually about the animatronics not the children stuffed into them. Purpleguy probably didn't care of the genders and trying to match the kids gender with a animatronics anyways. A theory to prove he probably didn't is the "Freddys laugh is a girls laugh" Theory. I will give you the genders of EACH Animatronic right now. Freddy=Male Bonnie=Male Chica=Female (She isn't a duck either) Foxy=Male G. Freddy=Male, And now the genders of the children stuffed into the suits Freddy=Questionable whether male or not because of theory but most likely female Bonnie=Also questionable but most likely male anyways Chica=Female (We don't have much to prove the child inside her is a dude) Foxy=Male (Also like Chicas case he doesn't have much to prove he's the opposite gender) Also many theorys may be wrong. Even the murder of the children might be.... The only person who truly knows is Scott Cawthon himself. Also just saying the Animatronics Are just robots to entertain. They don't actually have genders. Keep that in mind. Also Mangle is like one of the Animatronics abused the most about this. I believe it is a girl. But its actual gender doesn't matter cause it doesn't have one. Remember this is my Argument/Opinion on this. Remember this is NOT YOUR'S!   it's mine and my opinion. You cannot change it. I'm just trying to make my point here alright? Anyways sorry if you got offended...Heheh... I go a bit overboard.
Just saying the profile And avatar pic are Not mine. They r pics from google so plz understand 😓? 💔