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adult Kopa
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Hi there! Just letting you know that this user has stolen your work here:…
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OMG you drew him fantastic!
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Just love your version of Kopa^^ 
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Love ur version!
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[link] been stolen on fb
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Thank you for your notice.
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Yay! He's so cute! Amazing! :)
Your version of Kopa is AMAZING! I really like it. Maybe his mane should be brown, but it is perfect just the way it is.
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
just curious, do you take art trades? *u*
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Wow, what a gorgeous version of Kopa! You can definitely see some Simba and Mufasa mixed into him, but he also has a look all his own. Very well done!
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I love this of Kopa!
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like his daddy :D
amazing work :D
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Awesomesauce job! Lol it looks like the two head shot pics are looking at each other. I like it!
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mane's color is a bit off, isn't it supposed to be brown?
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very cool, i like his mane style
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You must have heard this a lot...

But I love how his design is.
You can see who his father is, but his face... is more kinder :)
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he looks so much like his daddy!! 8DD
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Your desing of adult Kopa is amazing! I like it vey much c:
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This is amazing! Love the line work! :)
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I love this design! its drawn so well :3 I think his mane would be a bit browner because when he was a cub it was brown.
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