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I Do page 22 by Zomi-Bea I Do page 22 :iconzomi-bea:Zomi-Bea 8 9
Galactic Seed - Fourth
I ran as fast as I could through the shiny halls and towards the blinking light on my wrist. I stole the mapping gadget from one of the other aliens. I found out what the word was for ‘escape pods’ and I yelled it into the gadget before I burst out of my room (or cell) and started running wherever the light was taking me. The captain of the ship and many others were yelling after me because they didn’t want me to fall and hurt whatever it is, they had put in me. I didn’t care if I fell on top of my stomach at all, at least I’d either die or it would, and I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. An alien-in-disguise jumped out of nowhere and almost got me, but I pulled a baseball slide and really hurt my hip. I stood back up and ran, almost tripping again, and finally made it to the blinking light. I looked and saw that in order to open the hatch I needed to have a handprint from someone around. The sound of footsteps became louder and soon I was su
:iconjamaicancrocodile:jamaicancrocodile 2 0
I Do page 21 by Zomi-Bea I Do page 21 :iconzomi-bea:Zomi-Bea 11 7
Mature content
He Didn't Know He Was Pregnant :iconcait-stewart-cait:cait-stewart-cait 10 3
I Do page 20 by Zomi-Bea I Do page 20 :iconzomi-bea:Zomi-Bea 11 0
Devious Journal Entry
Letting everyone know that the paperback version is now available on Amazon.
If this link doesn't work, scream at me and I'll upload a different one
:iconfreakindisguise:freakindisguise 1 1
Ebook version of If I Were is now live on Amazon!
You can find it by searching for my author name, Ryleigh Morgan, or the title If I Were.
Or if you liked my Facebook page, I have a direct link to Amazon there.
The paperback had a small hiccup with formatting but should be out by the end of the week.
Thank you everyone for your continued support.
:iconfreakindisguise:freakindisguise 1 0
The Scientist's Experiment: Chapter Forty-One
The medical convention was held, appropriately, in the building of medicine at a prominent New York university. Said university held a longtime partnership with Bellevue, using the university’s medical facility as almost an add-on to their main hospital building, so the university’s department was large and well-funded. The floors were all polished white marble, and the walls were hearty grey stone. It had spacious operating theaters, well-stocked classrooms, and all the latest books. And it was clear they followed Joseph Lister’s methods closely, because everything was kept gleamingly clean. Being built within the past decade, it also had indoor plumbing, which still amazed the students that came from more rural parts of the county.
Bellevue shared anything and everything with the medical department, from supplies, to patients, to corpses. And despite recent laws fighting against roadblocks, cadavers were still hard to come by, and any donation was extremely generous
:iconporter-bailey:Porter-Bailey 9 18
Jason and Deanna as Navi by LuigiFanatic87 Jason and Deanna as Navi :iconluigifanatic87:LuigiFanatic87 8 8
Galactic Seed - Third
I felt sick and put my hand over my stomach as I sat up in the bed. I looked around at the iridescent walls and felt even more sick. I was angry at the fact that I had let these horrible creatures play me like that and I was more than happy to believe them. They took it too far this time. I’m not going to stay on this ship that much longer, I guarantee that. I will get off this ship and go back home somehow, someway. I may not be able to read the symbols lining the halls or anything but I’ll trap one of those aliens that knows English and make them tell me how to get home. I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t want this, and they have no right to keep me here.
My stomach lurched again and I ran to the side wall, where it slid open to reveal a crude bathroom of sorts. I made it just in time to wretch into the equivalent of a toilet bowl. I vomited about two more times before my stomach finally settled down. I leaned against the chrome throne, panting and waiting
:iconjamaicancrocodile:jamaicancrocodile 1 0
Mr. Higgs and Merida: Hirty-threet
Higgs opened his eyes and immediately hissed in pain. It felt like his was burning all over, like ants were attached to every facet of his skin and were biting in unison. He tried to move but found that it was very hard and he was super stiff.
“You are a lucky boy, boy.”
Higgs tried to find who was talking but he could barely see anything, almost as if he were blind.
“Can you hear me and smell me?” Higgs sniffed a little and then nodded, realizing it was his father. “Good; again, you’re lucky. To help you understand what’s happened and what’s going on, I will explain as clearly and in as much detail as possible. You let yourself get caught up in your instincts and almost killed Edgar by sucking nearly all the blood out of him and then you tried to do the same to Merida. You made it where she had to take harsh action against you and she opened up the window to a full sunny day directly onto your skin and you without your ring. The feeling
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I Do page 19 by Zomi-Bea I Do page 19 :iconzomi-bea:Zomi-Bea 11 7 Symbrock Mpreg Logo by ILITIAFOREVER
Mature content
Symbrock Mpreg Logo :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 15 1
I Do page 18 by Zomi-Bea I Do page 18 :iconzomi-bea:Zomi-Bea 10 15
Spellbound Chapter 2
Harry stepped down from the Hogwarts Express, and as his feet touched the platform, he could feel the weight of what was about to happen seeping into him. All around him witches and wizard were greeting their families, and he strode past them with his trolley, keeping his eyes on the crossover point at Platform 9 ¾.
With Sirius gone a full year, and with him his hopes of having a new family, Harry was once again entering a life he despised more than all else. He had said goodbye to Ron and Hermione on the train, and saw them both eagerly greet their parents nearby. Sneaking by so as to not be caught in a never-ending hug between Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Granger, Harry kept going. Better to face his family now than avoid the inevitable.
Harry entered through the gate, the buzzing and whirring of the warmth of hundreds of people with magical abilities replaced with the cold sharp feelings of the Muggles.
There was no happy crowd on this side to greet him.
Instead, waiting for him three
:iconfreakindisguise:freakindisguise 1 0
Spellbound Chapter 3
A week had gone by and curiously, Severus had not seen a trace of Potter. He had been lingering, hidden, near the Dursley house, and though he saw a lot of activity involving Muggles, he never once saw the boy he was looking for.
It was a warm, sunny morning, and Severus leaned against a cool stone wall at the end of Privet Drive. Birds were twittering about, eating worms and bugs and gathering twigs for their nests. Severus nibbled on a small piece of jerky that Arabella had given him. Living with the old woman was less than ideal—how her house could smell so strongly of cabbage was beyond him. If he didn’t see the Potter brat soon, the effort of trying not to gag in her home would not be worth it.
The front door to number four opened then and Severus sat up, keen eyes focused.
A breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding came out in a sigh of relief when finally—finally, Harry Potter emerged. From a distance, Severus couldn’t see what the boy look
:iconfreakindisguise:freakindisguise 1 6
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Beautiful pastel watercolour wallpaper I found online. I'm really into pastel colours at the moment, just something about them makes me feel warm & happy inside.

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29th April 1992

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Been playing Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee! few a while now. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Born in Glasgow, Scotland.
Lived in Leeds, England since 2006.
Love to draw, shop, watch telly and read... especially anything to do with Mpreg!


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Finally got LuigiFanatic87's new story cover done!!! Celebrate :happybounce: I think I've fainted. Please check it out, as well as the matching avatars Here's a kiss for you, my love! xoxo
I've had a great birthday! Thanks to all those who've posted, very sweet of ya xx

Hey guys,

Well 2018 has come and gone now. This year has most definitely been much better than 2017; much happier, calmer and helpful (as much as I can be). Here are my highlights of 2018; :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 

  • Joining a new group for Autistic adults
  • My birthday present to FriendsFest
  • Mum and my break in Liverpool
  • My parents’ 30th Anniversary

Here are my low points (only 3 thankfully); :( (Sad) :( (Sad) :( (Sad) 
  • First anniversary without my Papa
  • August - Had a bad depression spell for a week
  • Spending too much money (don’t ask…)

I’ve got a few things I’m looking for to in 2019; :) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
  • My eldest brother might be moving to a bigger house (watch this space)
  • My Mum and I are off to Llandudno in North Wales in May
  • Dress shopping for my brother’s wedding (that won’t be ‘til Oct/Nov time)

I’ve had a great year, looking forward to the good times ahead.

Happy New Year Love 

See ya next time!!! Here's a kiss for you, my love! xoxo  

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  • Eating: Tic Tacs
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