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Mature content
COMMISSION Gladiolus X Ignis Mpreg :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 51 5
Mr. Higgs and Merida: Wenty-sevent
“Thank ye kindly for helping me prepare for Mr. Higgs’ uncles. Ye dinnae have to help me.”
“It was my pleasure. With Jami being at Margaret’s mansion so much now, it’s becoming quite boring. Besides, Radek and Kannaset might be in other forms so it’s best to prepare.”
Merida nodded as Catherine folded some clothes and stuck them in a basket. After watching her for a moment, Merida turned her head a little.
“How long have ye been with Laird Northumberly?”
“Since we were young children. I was pulled into service along with Davros, so he’s been looking after him for a long time. Why do ye ask?”
“What is Kannaset like?”
“Kannaset? Oh… well… um…” Catherine’s face began to blush. “He’s shy as can be, doesn’t talk very much. He’s kind and good and would give the shirt right off his back, he would
:iconjamaicancrocodile:jamaicancrocodile 1 2
If I Were
Author: Ryleighmorgan
Genre: Romance
 When Christina Barrett's grandmother passed away, she felt her world fall out from under her. Once an accomplished musician on the pianoforte, her fingers felt numb and stiff and couldn't play a single note. The music just wasn't in her anymore.
Fletcher Ellington has just returned to London after a year long trip on the Continent. The mundane parties and endless balls have him bored and looking for an escape. His mother's constant pestering for him to settle down and marry have him at his wit's end as well.
One night, after winning a lucky hand of cards, Fletcher is attacked, badly wounded, and finds himself at Christina's doorstep. She helps to nurse him back to health, and despite their animosity, they can't help but be pulled towards each other.
When Christina learns that Fletcher is in fact the Duke of Everly, she finds herself pulled full force back into the world of music, and after an embarrassing even
:iconfreakindisguise:freakindisguise 1 3
Cover Symbrock by ILITIAFOREVER
Mature content
Cover Symbrock :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 38 12
Mature content
COMMISSION Loki X Tony Mpreg :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 24 3
Roheline: Jupiter - XVI
After the talk with Cas, we talk most of the night and I fall asleep on his bed. I could have sworn that I felt someone pick me up and take me to my room. I don't know if it was a Cas or Samson, but I know when I woke up to leave that I wasn't where I had fallen asleep the night before.
I yawn and head to the kitchen for some grub when I meet Titan along the way. I'm too tired for this bullshit so early in the morning...
"You, Amazonian."
"You know that I'm neither tall nor uni-breasted." I reply, disinterested.
"I was referring to your strength."
"I'm not in the mood for you this morning. I just want food." He moved in front of me to block me from the dining hall and I glared up at him, so not in the mood for his shenanigans. "Move."
"I wanted to ask you a civil question; do I not have the opportunity to do that?"
Although I was completely suspicious of his calm nature, since he was actually being civil, I guess a question wouldn't be too bad answer.
"Fine, what is it?"
"Why do
:iconjamaicancrocodile:jamaicancrocodile 1 0
Is that even English?
Indeed it is. I decided today that I would actually participate in National Novel Writing Month this November.
Except I've already run into a road block; I don't have any ideas for a story! =/
My first thought of course is to continue what I have; the Heir, or a fanfic I've been working on. But those are my "secret" stories, ones I reserve just for myself and dA. So I want something more... general public worthy. Get me?
So my deviants, I'm looking for plots and story lines and whatever you can throw at me to show me inspiration!
And if you want to look for me on the Nanowrimo site, I'm going by my (new) pen name: Ryleighmorgan
:iconfreakindisguise:freakindisguise 1 5
Need your input... also announcements!!
So sorry that it's been so long since I've done anything on here but with my life being in an uproar offer the past few months, I haven't had much will to write... However, things are finally getting on the upswing and after taking a break from mpreg to write ASMR scripts for CardlinAudio on YouTube (He's recorded three of my pieces so far!) I'm pleased to finally announce that I'm writing mpreg again!
There are three mpreg stories currently in the works; the first being a sequel to 'The Midwife's Tale' which I have been tossing around in my head for a while but was waiting until I knew the events of 'Infinity War' to write it.  (We're just going to pretend that what happened to Loki didn't happen lol)
The second is my first dip into the 'Attack on Titan' fandom with a Levi fic that is already becoming one of my favorites.  Full of angst but definitely a sweet ending.
The last one is where I'm needing your help.  I've been considering the idea for a while of re
:icontherubystorm:TheRubyStorm 1 0
Mature content
COMMISSION STONY MPREG pag 5 final :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 37 8
Mature content
COMMISSION STONY MPREG pag 4 :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 30 1
Mature content
COMMISSION STONY MPREG pag 3 :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 37 0
Mature content
COMMISSION STONY MPREG pag 2 :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 41 0
Mature content
COMMISSION STONY MPREG pag 1 :iconilitiaforever:ILITIAFOREVER 42 3
Birth: 45 - Kvardek Kvin
I pop out of the Underground Speedway and onto normal traffic. I had to stop on the side for a nap and made it back to the edge of Section N in record time. I make sure to be cautious and drive the speed limit while I head back home, not wanting to make myself look suspicious. Plus, if I get pulled over by the police, they will immediately either take me to the RDC or send me in a prison bus to Tramistor as a fugitive. Either option was not a good option but it was so hard to go regular speeds when you’ve just come off the Underground Speedway. I mean… it’s like telling a bird not to fly anymore. I look down and make a face at the gas gauge. I was hoping not to have to stop again, but I’m hungry and I need gas or I won’t make it anywhere. I pull into a gas station and go inside to pay for the gas and get some snacks.
As I look for snacks, I catch a glimpse of the TV and am actually surprised to see that the news is about Nalak’s parents. I guess some
:iconjamaicancrocodile:jamaicancrocodile 2 0
Mr. Higgs and Merida: Wenty-sixt
Much to Merida’s chagrin, Edgar did not get any better and was suffering high fevers and delirious dreams that would keep him awake all night long. They mostly involved something regarding him being taken away or her being taken away from him. He tossed and turned all night and it was a wonder Merida herself didn’t get sick from his ailment since she usually had to sleep with him in order to keep him calm. Jamison suggested letting Edgar sweat it out under the covers but Lucus was afraid of him being so young and small that it would cause an opposite effect. He ordered Merida to stay with the lad for as long as she could, nursing him the best way she knew how. Finally, after a few long, hard nights, it looked like Edgar may have finally broken his fever and was able to come to consciousness.
Edgar opened his eyes and realized that he was moving but not of his own accord. It was his whole body, not an arm or so. He closes his eyes for a moment and then turned, finding a ches
:iconjamaicancrocodile:jamaicancrocodile 1 3
A Strange Tail (re-write cont.)
Part 6
        The sun was nearing the ocean's horizon as Rhys and Levi pulled up into the empty parking space.  They could see a well lit up area on the beach where the bon fire was.  Rhys steps out of the truck and  adjusts his hair once more as he looked in the side mirror.   Levi opens his side of the door and carefully slides off the seat.  Hearing his friend make a sharp exhale, Rhys turned his attention to Levi to make sure he was alright.
“Are you okay?” Rhys asks.
“Oh, I'm fine.”  Levi groans with annoyance as he closes the door.  One of the babies had pushed him.  He adjusts his attire, making sure his belly was concealed.  Levi added a dark jacket to his outfit just in case he sweatshirt wasn't enough.  
“Do you think this jacket is alright?” He asks Rhys.
Rhys walks around to the other side of the truck and observes Levi's outfit.  “Yeah, looks good.” H
:icon9018masterchic:9018Masterchic 2 3
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Cliff Walk at Pourville by Claude Monet. Says everything about summer.

My Birthday

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29th April 1992

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After months of playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on my Nintendo Switch, I FINALLY completed it on 1/8/2017!!! The hardest game I've ever played, but it was also so much fun!


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Born in Glasgow, Scotland.
Lived in Leeds, England since 2006.
Love to draw, shop, watch telly and read... especially anything to do with Mpreg!


Witch Hat  Shuddering Letter: H Shuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: P Shuddering Letter: P Shuddering Letter: Y Witch Hat    

This is Halloween Shuddering Letter: H Shuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: K Shuddering Letter: K Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: W Shuddering Letter: E Shuddering Letter: E Shuddering Letter: N This is Halloween  
Finally got LuigiFanatic87's new story cover done!!! Celebrate :happybounce: I think I've fainted. Please check it out, as well as the matching avatars Here's a kiss for you, my love! xoxo
I've had a great birthday! Thanks to all those who've posted, very sweet of ya xx
Hey ya, guys!!! I'll be posting a Journal entry on Sun, which is also my birthday. Two days to go!!! Birthday Cake by MelodyRainbow654
Beast from the East has bombarded the UK. Bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrr... 🌨️❄️☃️⛷️🏂🧣🧤🧥

Well, Hello everyone! :happy-wave: :happy-wave: :happy-wave: 

It’s been a long time, eh??? :D (Big Grin)  So much to catch you lot on, but were to begin… :thinking: 

In May, Mum and I had a wonderful mini-break together in Liverpool. We’ve never been there before, and by God did we luck out with the weather, sunny with a lovely breeze coming off the Mersey. We did and saw so much; we walked around Albert Docks, did the city tour bus, shopped-til-we-dropped at Liverpool One, and visited the infamous Cavern Club. But the highlight of the trip was The Beatles Story tour bus guide, Mum and loved it, the bus took us to Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The tour guide was a lovely, friendly guy, who gave us some great insight to the Beatles life stories and he sang a few of their hits and played the guitar. The whole trip was fab, I would love to come back to the city one day. 

Back in Aug, Mum and I travelled to Manchester to attend FriendsFest, a big outdoor convention based the hit TV show. My brother and his fiancee gave me tickets for my birthday back in April, I was looking forward to it, and it did not disappoint. The sets were amazing, it was so strange walking around the infamous sets of a TV show I’ve watched, loved and obsessed over since I was a teenager. We got our pictures taken for the title sequence and the Pivot scene. There was also a Central Perk set and a big stage and screen showing the best clips from the show. Mum and I had a wonderful time, best birthday gift ever!!! Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too 

For the last few weeks, Mum and I have been visiting a centre where adults with Autism can come to, take some classes, make friends and work on their self-esteem, thinking it would be a great place for me to attend and get me out more. We had our first meeting in Jul, the lady in charge was brilliant, you could tell she’s had many years of experience working with Autistic people and we set-up a half-day trial session to see if I would like it or not. On the trial session, I turned up, everything was fine, until I ran into a boy from my old high school days, a boy who I HATE/TERRIFIED me!!! :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek)  He use to storm out and shout if the class got too noisy, and I don’t know how, but he had this tendency to always sit beside me, which made it worse. He was in the same class that I was attending, though he’s probably changed and grown-up since then, but it doesn’t change how I feel about him… All-in-all, it was successful and set-up another trial session. 

After another successful session, which “he” was not apart of, I started to have one of my anxiety attacks over “him” being back in my life. It was horrendous, it messed with my mental state, my self-esteem and my body, especially in the mornings. I had decided then I would not attend this centre, though I really wanted to, which caused me even more anxiety… :( (Sad) I emailed the lady of my decision and thank God for what happened next; she got back to me and ask me what they could do to help me. That made me really happy to hear and decided to arrange another meeting to discuss my issues. At the meeting, Mum and I told her of my past with the boy and she has assured me that I don’t have to see nor be around him if I were to attend and the staff would be notified of the situation and make things comfortable and stress-free as possible. This was music to my ears, I was scared that she wouldn’t take me seriously or be able to do anything about it. Since that meeting, I had one more trial session, this time a full day, and the centre put everything that was talked about in the last meeting into place and had a terrific day and I have decided to attend. I have my first day there next Friday, looking forward to it. :) (Smile) 

Back at the beginning of Sept, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. As a gift to them; my brothers, their girlfriends and I chipped in to send them to this posh castle-hotel and spa for one night to get to pampered and spoiled. They had no idea and were very much chuffed with it. They had a great night at the hotel. Heart Heart Heart 

For last 2 weeks, I’ve been staying at my Gran’s in Glasgow while my parents went on holiday to Lanzarote. I had a very good and chilled time there (especially with a Virgin Media box in my room and Netflix!), saw my Auntie & my cousin, spent two Saturdays shopping with my brother, partner and niece. I arrived home on Thurs night, my other brother came and took me back to Leeds and my parents came home on Fri. Though it was nice to be back in Glasgow, it’s so good at be home. Plus I really missed my Mum and Dad, 2 weeks away is a really, really long time… Huggle! 

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say.

See ya on the next one!!!

Here's a kiss for you, my love! XOXOXO

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