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Grandfather Dear
Grandfather dear, so pleasant and near
I'm glad that you are finally at peace
We miss you, we love you
We'll never forget you
Although we are filled with grief
And yearn for your warmth,
We know that it was your time to go,
as a son of God you were sent on
another mission; where you will excel
Grandpa you lived an exceptional life
You were raised with good morals in God's loving light
God helped you find love, and then sent you on a mission
to spread His words of love and wisdom
You later returned home, a man of good faith
You married the love of your life
Later came five children,
to teach, love and protect
Grandfather, father, brother, son and friend
You were always there for your family and friends
You made sure your family was safe and secure
You loved us all, no matter what
Grandpa, you were also so funny
You always knew how to make us all laugh
You're a hero we love
You're a teacher we knew of good faith
We love you, we miss you
We'll never forget you
You will always be in our he
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 5 2
The Light that Inspires
Boy, you see in colors
Boy, you see in light
Boy, you won't blow out
that gentle candlelight
You are quite the charmer
with your talent and your skill
You'd paint the world another shade
if you knew such a thing to be real
You and I have spoken
I know of your great heart
Talent, is but one of many
I can claim that you are
You speak of such beauty,
that wasn't difficult to see
You allowed me to see you,
the real you, in another light
Your hands are quite lovely
They were made to create
I know that you won't disappoint,
when you speak of your future
Passion, there is passion in your eyes
You may sometimes appear a little shy
You are an amazing individual,
a friend to be valued and treasured
Life can be painful
But life can be fun
Never give up when you think
you can no longer go on
You are an angel in the making
Such talent and skill will prevent
you from mistaking the dangers
of our beautiful world, with the good
Believe me when I say it
You inspire, you create
Don't forget to have a li
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 0 2
Mature content
Nightmare Next Door :iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 0 0
Its true that this game we play
is taboo and risks a broken heart or two
But just like you, I'll play this through
because the time we've shared is grand
I've waited for you to let me in
I'll wait some more
because I know you need your space
I'll wait because its you
I'll follow your footsteps
I'll follow your heart
I'll follow those scars left there
to guide you from the very start
I know what its like to be broken and used
I've felt those same fears that can't be forgotten
I know what its like feeling lost and afraid
And I know what its like being discovered again
You must be frightened
but I'm here for you
I won't dare ever lie to you
I've taken a vow
that I'll never betray
A promise is a sacred thing
I give you my hand
I give you my heart
I promise not to break your heart
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 0 0
I wish I could paint you a picture
of both my past and my present
If you saw what I've been through,
you'd understand why I do certain things
I'm not perfect, nor do I claim to be
I just wish that you would let yourself
be free. I want you to like me, the
way that I like you.
I'm not going to force you to change who you are
and I'm not going to break your lovely heart.
You get to choose what you want, I'll
be here regardless of what outcome you want
Words get misunderstood and I'm not sure what to do
I want to express my deepest fears and strengths with you
I want to share stories, both the good and the bad
If only you saw what was in my head,
what thoughts I thought and what
dreams I wish would come true
Sitting there with you that day
helped me realize my true feelings for you
I was clouded with doubt but you helped
me see the inner truth
I just want to hold you,
to let you know that I'm here
I want to protect you and prevent
those familiar fears
I know that your scared,
but I am too
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 0 2
A Brief Passing
Grandmother, Great grandmother, mother and friend
alas you have left us with a grin
Defender of boo boos and bedtime stories
You were always there to tell us a witty story
You had a light that shined so brightly upon your skin
Oh, mother and grandmother you were our very
best friend
We love you. We miss you. We cry for our loss.
Grandmother, Great grandmother, mother and friend
where shall I begin?
You helped us up when we fell
You wiped away our tears of sorrow
Of course your time came to an end, but
fear not for you were needed elsewhere.
We love you. We miss you. Oh, dear good friend
'til next we meet, I'll smile with glee.
Grandmother, Great grandmother, mother and friend
thank you so much for the blessings you gave
You shall not be a burden, but a
gift in our hearts that we shall hold until our end
God bless you, old friend, I hope you are happy
where ever you went
Your departure was sure and you left us a note:
Love every moment you have with your family and friends.
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 0 4
The Last Dance
In the shadows of my mask,
I wear the face of familiar lies
You hide and we shall play a little game
Just you and I, in this masquerade
I'll take your delicate hand in mine
We'll dance until you die, upon my chest
I like this fun we have- but as the sun,
you shall chase the moon with your life
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 2 4
Mature content
Seek and Protect :iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 0 0
I want you to notice
that life can be a mess.
That everything you hold dear,
can slip away so easily.
I need you to see
that I really am me.
I can't make you believe
that I'm the same girl, that
you had always longed for.
I want to be able to open that door.
If you aren't willing to be
with me, then here's the keys
to walk out that door.
I need you here, but you can go.
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 4 10
I can hear the words, before you say them.
I promise you this- we can't be more than friends.
Commitment to another, that was not already planned,
is a distraction and unwise.
I know that you care.
You've told me so, but
I'm a bird flying too far away for you to grasp.
I have my goals set- this will not change.
I get it, "You like me".
You see it as harmless-
I see it for what it truly is:
a crack in the mirror that you gaze into.
I'm stronger now- you fancy this.
I think your funny, but no more than that.
I will not change my quest and mind-set for
you, I love another, her beauty has thee breathless.
My heart belongs to the Earth, upon which my soul
breathes in the gentle breezes or the blazing Sun's heat.
Mother Nature is my love, whose great life dwells
within her children, Heaven and Hell.
I am bound to this beautifully-strange place.
My path must not ever be misplaced. To allow the
blindness you wish upon me would cause me to wilt.
My place is at the Moon's side, a star which is I
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 2 4
Pitter patter on the floor
I see your feet move across the floor
I know you're there; I've heard your voice
calling my name in different directions
Others go on by, they do not fear you
I cannot bare the normal day activities,
when you are beside me; watching my back
Why am I not immune to what you are
in the living world
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 3 0
Breathing, as if it was the last
Seeing, but not with my eyes
Allowing the change to consume me
The spell has begun, once more
I can sense my body weakening
I know that I am to die
Dancing away the cursed memories
Feeling my bones disintegrate
My powers drained to the least
and my mind a blank canvas
I've no painter to paint
and no strength to think
Survival is infinite
My time has been consumed
by the darkness of my heart
I shall perish with my passion
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 1 7
Mature content
Ghost in the Brain :iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 3 2
Mature content
Death's Kiss :iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 3 4
Journey of the Past, Relived
Follow the cracks, beneath
your shaken feet; you know
your way through this Hell
Fall away from broken pieces
Broken dreams
Broken wings
Broken lives
And broken times
The past shall haunt you,
forever you are trapped
I, too, have been here in
this mishapen place
Nightmares caress
Nightmares progress
Nightmares haunt
And nightmares bring pain
:iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 5 0
Magnus Bane by MelodyOfTheMoon6 Magnus Bane :iconmelodyofthemoon6:MelodyOfTheMoon6 2 0


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I am an artist who is pouring my insecurities, strengths, and above all my love for everything and nothing to the world and the existence beyond that. I may be shy at first , but get to know me and I'm interesting to be around. I'm very passionate and thankful to those who throw themselves out there in this strange, yet beautiful world.
For those of you that are interested, I rewrote Darling Our Love Is True and it's exclusively available to read on my AO3 (Archive of Our Own) account, which you may find at AO3. In fact, I might be deleting ALL of my fanfictions that I have written and placed on deviantART. I will also be rewriting Alec, You Are My Sunshine

If you get a chance, please feel free to let me know what you think about the newest versions of the fanfictions that will or are available on my AO3 account. 

Thanks again and I hope you are all having a great day and if not, I hope it'll get better soon. :)
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