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Optimist Stamp
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Published: May 10, 2012
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Edit: I got a DD? o.o Woah, didn't expect that!
Many thanks to `ClefairyKid for suggesting it and ^namenotrequired for featuring it! Thanks so much! :heart:

Well this took forever to make. Hooray for pixel art practice, it's been a while. :B

Might make pessimist and realist stamps in future.

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sugardove123|Student General Artist
Using, thank you ^w^
It's beautiful :3
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SolesteiaArt's avatar
SolesteiaArt|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Using <3
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DinoBirdy's avatar
DinoBirdy|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm using this
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CLUBPENGUlN's avatar
CLUBPENGUlN|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was Very pessimistic, but now i try to be very optimistic, uwu
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Kitocco's avatar
Kitocco|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the bright colors!
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ButterflyLibraGirl's avatar
ButterflyLibraGirl|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Proud to be one <3
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Sanslet0n's avatar
Sanslet0n|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used to be a pessimist, but I've become more optimistic lately and it definitely has helped me :)
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AgraelLPS's avatar
AgraelLPS|Hobbyist Digital Artist
To all those people who "wish they were optimistic":
Stop wishing and start really trying,you won't regret =D

Listen: I know from experience that being an optimist is freakin' hard sometimes.Finding positive aspects of some situations may seem impossible,but if you thought that being an optimist means being ALWAYS happy,you were WRONG!It's impossible to be completely satisfied with all situations,I think you know it too and I understand...People get it wrong and assume we're stupid because we can't see flaws,but that not what optimism means at all =D

So what does this enigmatic word mean?
Not always expecting the best,but having hope for it;
Not being never sad,but reducing sadness before it occurs (and if it does,still keeping hope for better future);
Not going the easiest way,but chosing the hardest one instead and never regretting it;
Not fruitless,and if you think so,you obviously never tried to think positive ;P;
Not stupid,because just think,what pessimism brings you and what optimism does?
Not being careless,everyone cares deeply for something and if they don't,they must be sad =D;
Not never seeing any negatives at all,but appreciating any postives,no matter how small;
Not impossible for some people,ANYONE can learn it,and no matter how hard it may seem,it's ALWAYS plausible to achieve!

And final argument: remember,hardly ever someone's born an optimist.I think you have to go through hell before,so you can finally truly admire what the world offers us ;-3 Do really you think I always sounded like this?You obviously don't know me ;P
Ok,enough; I realize that probably not much people will see this anyway,and very little would read,but I still have the right to hope :la: Wish you all a great day,thanks <3
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broken-aviator's avatar
broken-aviator|Hobbyist General Artist
dude, do you have a pessimist one XDD
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Randamu-Chan's avatar
Randamu-Chan|Hobbyist General Artist
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ArabicMoon's avatar
ArabicMoon|Student Digital Artist
using >w< Thank you ^0^ 
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Kittenzlol's avatar
KittenzlolEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
This is really cool, but I'm more like a pessimist *falls off the rainbow* :falling: (rolling)  it is highly likely :I
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MidoriZielona's avatar
I use in ID on my profile  
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AishaArts's avatar
AishaArts|Hobbyist General Artist
Using! :D
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Zorua12349's avatar
I'd like to become like more optimistic! Thanks!
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SnowyFerretGirl's avatar
SnowyFerretGirl|Student Digital Artist
using :)
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Interela1000's avatar
Interela1000|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm too optemistic to be an Atheist! :la:

(not saying this to offend anyone, lol. I'm neither an Atheist or a religious person.)
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MysticalWhisper's avatar
MysticalWhisper|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this so much! :D
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anonygrayscale's avatar
anonygrayscale|Hobbyist General Artist
lovely stamp <3
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Kodaic's avatar
Kodaic|Student General Artist
Beautiful stamp. :) 
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AgentHisui's avatar
AgentHisui|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It´s really hard to be an optimistic person sometimes.xD
Because many other people are like trying to convince me it´s bad after all.
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PixoChaos's avatar
PixoChaos|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno if I'm optimistic or pessimistic. I have a dark outlook on life, yet I always think that I will get beautiful grades, be praised... And I'm OFTEN disappointed. For some reason, I expect disappointment, but I get victory instead... It's the other way around sometimes. In fact, I'm the least patient and calm person you will ever meet. I'm hyper, I'm impatient and of course I love food. If somebody asks me a question, I reply directly and walk away. I'm a bit... Too serious. Even if I'm hyper, I still act a bit too serious.
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Merijne's avatar
Merijne|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
really cute
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PoliticalViolet's avatar
I don't get why people say they're proud to be pessimistic. What a sad existence. I know people would argue that they never get disappointed because of it, but really, expecting bad things all the time is just going to bring more bad things.
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