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I´m a old Artist

I´m 36 years old and draw Chibis, if you think I´m to old for draw this????

But I have fun and I love Chibis. xD
I have this OC´s and I like to see them in other styles

I can´t nobody commission, so I open my Art Trade.

so i open my AT

I do AT with anyone, with all Skills, so you must not good draw to asked me for a Art Trade.

Exemples of my Art

one big rule
you OC must be finished and colored (it can be a Chibi, Fullbody, Gaia, DreamSelfy...)
I don´t accept Stick mans and uncolored References.

here are the OC of mine you can choose

Aimi by MelodiyaMoonAimi
Aena by MelodiyaMoonAena

Asteriala by MelodiyaMoonAsteriala

my OC Raven by MelodiyaMoon Raven

more comes

  Adrion by MelodiyaMoonAdrion

more comes. xd
food wars aahhhh shit Ecchie Szenes  (I hate Ecchie) but I love this anime so much, I don´t know why, but without the shit Ecchie Szenes the anime was much better for me. xd

the promise neverland

Demon Slayers

Haunting of hill house

Charmed rebot

Legacies ( I have never watche this, but I´m a big fan from Vampire Diaries and The originals) but I´m sure this a great tv-show, too. ^^

i open my Request again, but I not draw all. I only pick the OC from you what I really like to draw..

I must love there design, I looking to draw beautiful, cute and amazing characteres

like them
because I have fun to draw detailed Chibis more than easy characteres. please request me, you can have so many you like and there are for free, so why you don´t request me?

so please not angry or sad if I not draw yours

so I offer Chibi like this to draw

I do Boys too



Battle Beast

Beast in Black



I love Metal, what your favorit kind of music`????
if yes, what for games you looking forward?

Mine are
The legend of Zelda link's awakening
Trials of Mana
the witcher 3
Luigi Manson 3
Mario and Luigi
Breath of the wild 2 (because only this game have dungeons like Twilight Princess, I´m not a big fan from BoTW)
Ni no Kuni ( I have play this game on PS3, so I´m so happy this comes for Switch, too)
Resident Evil 5 and 6 (ok I hear 5 is not a really good game but I have play 1 - 4 and I like to play this part too. xd)
Animal Crossing (I have never play this, but I look forward for my sister she is a big fan of this)
the sinking city
Super Lucky Tales

LexZorr is my Fantasy Adventure with Drama and Horror Elements

the heros

Shork                  Smili                  Xatari and        Lupasia

other Lexzorrianer coming next time

The knight




Demons, Monsters





















2:36 eines der schönsten Momente in One Piece, Ruffy trifft wieder auf Sabo.  ;_;

Staffel 1 und alicization sind die beiden besten Staffeln ^^

ich liebe zudem das lied. ^^
mehr kommen noch. xd

here are the games I was looking forward

I search good app for my Android where I can get money on my paypal,  because I need money. ;_;
I like to commission so many people here,

no comment
I do Girls and Boys

I accept Points and Paypal

or ask me for a Art Trade.

offer your prize( but please not under 100 Points or 1 USD)

Thank you


at first all who make a Art Trade with me get a Headshot from me for free. So I do two parts and you only one

I draw my Part in my Chibi Style here

little Chibi for by MelodiyaMoon  Chibi for by MelodiyaMoon

and my Headshots

by two Art Trade you get than a third ( Chibi)

all my works are drawing and coloring with mouse
so and I hope many amazing Artist like to do one with me.  (because I can´t commission anyone only what I can give you back is Art)

Please help me about my Art Trade I search so much many Art for my two babys here



other OC I look forward for art
Adao by MelodiyaMoon Drews by MelodiyaMoon  Yuka by MelodiyaMoon  Tamara by MelodiyaMoon  Lucas by MelodiyaMoon  Padina by MelodiyaMoon Kazuki by MelodiyaMoon

  Livia by MelodiyaMoon  Beleia by MelodiyaMoon  Akomo by MelodiyaMoon  Cyrian by MelodiyaMoon  Kochiru by MelodiyaMoon

please feel free to choose anyone from them. Thank you.

I like to see

Exemples of your Art
Your OC
one/two Art Trade

please surprize me, about your part you can me send all you OC and I surprize you, too, If you like
I open my Chibi Art Trade
we can make more than one ( max 4)

my Style

My OC you can Choose

Raven                        Miyiko                    Tamara                  Padina              Beleia
my OC Raven by MelodiyaMoon  Miyiko by MelodiyaMoon  Tamara by MelodiyaMoon  Padina by MelodiyaMoon Beleia by MelodiyaMoon

Akomo                 Black Unicorn         Emil                   Cyrian                Papio                  Luvis

What you can offer:
What do you want me to draw:
OC from me do you like to draw:
how many you like to do:

and all who make a AT with me, get a free Headshot from me of the same OC 


Demon Diaries Boys

do you watch or have watch this amazing TV-shows if yes who is your favorite

the Vampire Boys

Demon or Stefan ???  Both are cool and hot but my favorite is demon, he is so cool, badass and aww little bit hotter than stefan. xD

Damon the Vampire Diaries by hazelxxx   Stefan Salvatore by MoRbiD-ViXeN

please sende me your link if you have one, or your OC Gallery I pick one of your OC or more if I love they designs, only open for two weeks.

RQ are totaly for free,  I don´t like take points or money for this.

I like to draw your OC/OC´s in my new style

so only for this week  two are  free, the third cost  5 Points ( next week only one is free and the second cost than 500 Points or 5 USD you can also paid the full prize now for them, too. If you can and like.

please don´t rush me
max. 3 Chibis per persons

I do, Humanoids, Girls, Boys, Anthros, Creepys
and I don´t do  Couples, Mechas and old peoples