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Halloween - Spooky Boob Season by Melodiezmelz
Mature content
Halloween - Spooky Boob Season :iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 0 0
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Melodiezmelz
Mature content
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter :iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 7 0
A Demonic Affair
Gnarled around 
Your rotten core
Flesh and blood
Disintegrating gore

Shambling along 

A decaying corpse

Eyes closed tight

Now they no longer work

Each tread endured 

Drains your dirty soul

Never once worthy

Never once whole

Your thoughts run so filthy

For th
:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 10 13
The Yawn
I'm not even tired
Yet a yawn I see in my sights
Dammit I'm hooked 
Now I'm gonna pay the price

A yawn escapes my lips 
That I try so hard to keep closed
Tears fall from my eyes 
Squeezed as tight as they'll go

Why are yawns so contagious
Worse than the cold or the flu
Even just reading the word 
As I write has me yawning too

Give it a try 
Put it to the test
You know you want to
So give it your best

I doubt you can read these words 
Without a yawn or two
I cant even stop yawning 
What have I gotten myself into

A yawn will catch you 
Every damn time you see...
And on this statement 
I place my word and my guarantee.
:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 4 0
Drugs never gave me a distraction 
From my painful past
Just made it seem clearer 
More difficult to get past

The more I took 
The angrier I felt
There's no way with the pain 
I could have dealt

Drinking was worse
In feelings I drowned
Wallowing in self pity
Bringing myself further down

None of these things 
Ever numbed the way I felt
Just heightened the pain 
And bought my anger out

I made my mistakes
Way more than a few
But they were mine to make
Something I had to go through

And I made my decisions 
Because they were my own
Not something my past pain made me own

I am the only one responsible 
For my idiotic decisions
Not the ghosts from my past
They didn't put me in this position

Stop telling
:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 4 4
Mirrored Past
Take my hand as I descend
And together we will bleed
Cleanse ourselves of violence
And cut away the pain
Crawl on our knees 
Till the voices go away

Listen to the screaming

The torment of our souls

As it breaks our will and binds us

We'll fit what's left to make a whole

Our hearts will beat together

To fix our broken tormented screams

This I hold onto

It was never just a dream

We fell with arms wide open

Our darkness shared without thought

Fused in a mirrored past

The walls fell as the pain was fought

Nothing can take what we gave to each other

My pain yours and yours mine

Forever given and perfectly entwined.
:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 3 0
It's Summer now 
But the ice still grows
My heartbeat weak 
And the blood barely flows

Stuck in place 

As I turn to stone

My future muted 

While I sit alone

Picking away at the wounds 

I've been given

The cuts bleeding out

This can never be forgiven

I have the heart 

:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 1 0
Are You Ready to Drink The Kool-Aid? by Melodiezmelz Are You Ready to Drink The Kool-Aid? :iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 1 4
My Anger
My anger is eating me alive 
And just the smallest thing 
Can set me alight

This glass in my hand 

I wanna smash on the floor

Satisfactions what I'll get 

When it shatters 

In a million pieces or more

When i'm being spoken to

The thoughts that rage in this head

Would be so much better off 

Being left unsaid

:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 6 0
Rhythm Of The Rhyme
I didn't sleep again last night
Been 29 hours now but I feel alright

It's so much easier for me to write

When lack of sleep is gripping me tight

My head likes the rhythm of the rhyme 

Gotta keep the beat to get the line

The frustration that I feel

When the words in my head aren't ideal

Makes me tense and angry too

I want my words to speak my truth

I scream them from deep down inside

:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 4 0
Mature content
Power :iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 2 0
Final Plea
I feel empty and alone
I've lost myself
My heart turned to stone

So much is spinning inside my head

Fear, anger, loathing and dread
I've kept it inside
Kept it to myself
When all I need 
Is to scream it out

But no one cares

I never get a second thought
So I just keep it to myself
With these emotions
I've always fought

Sick to my stomach everyday 

Thinking of all 
That is coming my way

Your anger, my pain 

Feeling so insignificant 
And small every time
I'm not a criminal
You can't blame me for any crime
I've served my sentence 
And it was the hardest hill 
I've ever had to climb

Even though I've let it go

My stomach lurches 
And the pain still shows

The scars inside of me betray

The hold you have on me 
To this very day

Why ca
:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 5 0
My Head
I've been awake for hours
All my thoughts are screwed
Time stood still
Broken pieces shatter 
And I'm torn in two

To myself I'm always so cruel
Cause words mean nothing 
When such painful emotions rule

Reality is lost
I'm floating lifeless 
In a disaster zone
A sense of confusion fills me 
And I feel so alone
At times like these 
I wish I could call my mind home
But it rages and storms 
And in darkness roams

Till it's so disjointed 
It feels like the thoughts don't belong
Nothing makes sense
Everything just feels so wrong

I need to relax
before i lose my mind
Take all my feelings 
Leave them far behind

Pacing in circles
I rewind all that has passed
Shaking free from the memories
The die has been cast
:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 6 0
No Sleep Tonight
Jaw clenched 
I'm wired 

There'll be no sleep tonight

With my eyes closed 

My senses take flight

Fading in and out on invisible waves 

Of sound and light

And even though I'm tired 

My body won't stop and rest

This unnatural high 

Has my mind totally stressed

If I'm awake much longer

:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 5 2
If I gave you my smile
Would you give me yours
Run your finger along it
Touch your forehead to mine

If I gave you my hands 
Would you give me yours
Hold them gently
Our fingers entwined

If I gave you my body
Would you give me yours
Wrap yourself around me 
Till we can no longer be defined

If I gave you my heart
Would you give me yours
Love me with a passion 
Of our own design

If I gave you my soul 
Would you give me yours
Merge the light and dark of them 
So we can't be confined

If I gave you my demons
Would you give me yours
Let them play together 
In our strange minds

These are the Ifs that I ask of you...
I only hope you will answer me true.
:iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 4 0
Violentines Day by Melodiezmelz Violentines Day :iconmelodiezmelz:Melodiezmelz 2 0


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Going Back To Hospital on the 10th....the blood test i did last week showed my adrenal level as very low and i also need to have my iron levels checked to see if i need another iron transfusion...Gleeeeeeeeeeeee Happy New Year To Me! :P


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