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{TMS : Velo life} It's okay, Rosie.

"Nick I know you're away right now..."
"It's fine, but it's probably 10PM there, you need anything?"
"I just wanted to tell you something.."
"I think I'm..."
"I think I'm Genderfluid. I've been thinking of myself a little after the whole reunion..."
"And I've talked to Panda about it, and she corrected me. Just that is it okay on you?"
"Yeah! Why?"
"well I remember listening to Caitlyn last time her husband wasn't too fond of the decision, and I don't want to loose you.."
"Oh come on. It's okay, Rosie. I still love you no matter what."
"Thumbs Up"
":) (Smile)"
"Awww...thank you, dear."
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