[CLOSED] Commissions ~2017~

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Bun's Commission Journal
~Please note me if you are interested~
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News: Commissions are currently closed until further notice.

Status: CLOSED
Acceptable Payment: Points New PayPal Icon (Small) 

  How to order

  • Please note me with the title "Commission" with a full form. (Commission Comments will be ignored!!!)
  • You must fill the form, it will be easy for both of us. 
  • 1 person= 1 slot.
  • All prices are for 1 order. Any addition is a +1 of the price.
  • Please pay before I start, Please pay in USD.
  • When using paypal, please use this instruction: Buying art with PayPal
  • If you are commissioning me, you are agreeing with my T.O.S and my F.A.Q.
  • If you are an UTAU user, you get half price of double digits.


  • I have the right to decline the order.
  • SAY BUNNIES IF YOU READ EVERYTHING. No bunnies means I will ignore.
  • Please do not rush me.
  • Your character reference MUST BE CLEAR, or I will draw what I see.
  • No fanart!
  • Please read my T.O.S and F.A.Q.
  • Failure to abide my T.O.S will result of commission work to be removed, and blacklisting you.
  • If you have any questions, please make a separate note so everything will be organized.
  • Please note I do background check due to people scamming artists.

Do's/Do not's

  • I do: kemonomimi's, furries(keep them PG), Detailed, female, male, anything I'm comfortable.
  • do not: Mecha's, NSFW, other's Ocs, fanart, muscles, anything I'm not comfortable.



Full body:

Sketch: 1500Points / $15.00USD 
Fully: 2000Points  / $20.00USD

Uaaa?! [USAGI 2.0] by melobuniiP  Like the new jacket? [Ama and USAGI] by melobuniiP  DONELLE [UTAU] by melobuniiP  Furry USAGI by melobuniiP  [UTAU] Kanaka Tora -2017- by melobuniiP 

Half Body

Sketch: 1000Points / $10.00USD
Fully: 1500Points / $15.00USD
Nami Lexington [New OC] by melobuniiP  Style test on CSP by melobuniiP 

Crayon Chibi
Sketch: 300Points / $3.00USD 
Fully: 600Points  / $6.00USD
[UTAU] Masami Suzu by melobuniiP

Cover Art
Sketch: 2000Points / $20.00USD 
Fully: 2500Points / $25.00USD 
Delusional Tax by melobuniiP  Posession by melobuniiP  Carla by melobuniiP  

UTAU logo
Fully: 1500Points / $15.00USD
Kanaka Tora Logo by melobuniiP  Usagi Logo by melobuniiP 

Thank you for your interest!
© 2017 - 2020 melobuniiP
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