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Volet 548 preview by Melnazar Volet 548 preview :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 1 0 Holidays colab for the Volet by Melnazar Holidays colab for the Volet :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 2 0 Octencre / Inktober 31 : Tranchant by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 31 : Tranchant :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 4 0 Octencre / Inktober 30 : Coup d'energie by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 30 : Coup d'energie :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 4 0 Octencre / Inktober 29 : Double by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 29 : Double :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 5 0 Octencre / Inktober 28 : Cadeau by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 28 : Cadeau :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 0 0 Octencre / Inktober 27 : Eclair by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 27 : Eclair :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 0 0 Octencre / Inktober 26 : Etirement by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 26 : Etirement :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 2 0 Octencre / Inktober 25 : Epineux probleme by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 25 : Epineux probleme :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 0 0 Octencre / Inktober 24 : Chop by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 24 : Chop :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 1 0 Octencre / Inktober 23 : Bouetteux by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 23 : Bouetteux :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 0 0 Octencre / Inktober 22 : Cher by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 22 : Cher :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 1 0 Octencre /Inktober 21 : Drain by Melnazar Octencre /Inktober 21 : Drain :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 0 0 Octencre / Inktober 20 : Brisable by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 20 : Brisable :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 1 0 Octencre / Inktober 19 : Roussi by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 19 : Roussi :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 1 0 Octencre / Inktober 18 : Bouteille by Melnazar Octencre / Inktober 18 : Bouteille :iconmelnazar:Melnazar 1 0


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Volet 548 preview
On arrive enfin à la fin du combat entre Polty et Deathy! Bien sûr, les paroles seront disponible sur le site du Volet ( )

We're finally coming to the end of the fight between Polty and Deathy! Of course, the final product will be found on the Volet's website ( )
Holidays colab for the Volet
Un petit projet entre bédéiste survivant encore sur comic genesis. Il fallait au moins deux personnages de nos webcomic avec un lien avec les fêtes ou l'hiver. Donc : Scorpio et Mog!

A small collab project between some surviving webcomic artists from comic genesis. We needed two characters from our webcomics in a holiday or winter setting. So here's Scorpio and Mog!
Octencre / Inktober 31 : Tranchant
"Là la lame est enfin tranchant"; dit la mort alors que la première lumière du jour fut coupée par la lame de sa faucille.

"Now the blade is sharp enough"; said Death as the first light of the death was sliced by the blade of his scythe.
Octencre / Inktober 30 : Coup d'energie
Si vous voulez réveiller Babble d'un coup, jetez-lui un café. Par contre, ne vous attendez pas à retrouver la tasse après.  Elle risque de la dissoudre!

If you want to give a jolt of energy to Babble, throw a coffee in her. However, don't expect to get the cup back. She'll probably dissolve it.
Octencre / Inktober 29 : Double
Deux têtes ne valent pas mieux qu'une si elles sont trop différentes.

Sometimes two heads are not better than one when they are too different.


North American French Lad Cartoonist and Animator


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Sigfriedofgaea Featured By Owner Edited Apr 3, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello there...

Not sure if you remember me... but a few years ago, we had "debated" (if you'd call it that... me, I was more screaming...) topics about how the earth was formed and whatnot.  Then, I ragequit in the end, blocking you.

I came back today to apologize.

I hadn't forgotten that discussion since then.  And as I continued to read more, study more, and grow more... in my faith, in what we know thus far of the world around us, and where they overlap... I realized that you weren't totally wrong.  I still don't totally agree with your position... but I don't totally disagree with it either.  Not anymore, that is.

I still feel crappy about how I ended the whole thing.  I do know why I did it, but it's still crappy.  If anything, I hurt my position when I terminated the discussion the way I did.  If I'm to be brutally honest, I was at the peak of my pride, and I left the argument feeling bitter and butthurt.  In my arrogance, I thought I'd be able to shut down any counterargument with the knowledge I had at hand at the time... and in my arrogance, when I couldn't convince you of the validity of my argument, I shut you out in the rudest way possible.

What I realized over these past few years after our debate was that you actually helped me to realize that this understanding of mine wasn't as cut-and-dry as I made it out to be.

Really... I should be thanking you.

I had meant to convey this apology much earlier... but with the combination of my not-so-eloquent ways of expressing myself, my fear of making apologies, and me sometimes just plain forgetting to deliver the apology in the first place... it was held off for several years.

But I'm here now.

And I wish to say... truly... that I'm sorry for the way I acted during and after our debate.

Would you be willing to forgive me?
Melnazar Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2019
Do not worry, no harm nor foul was done. Thus there is nothing to forgive, but actually to be impressed by the growth you've done over the years.
This kind of discussion happens a lot online, especially during the teenage years where tempers can flare if the topic is something we are really passionate about.
The world is vast and full of things to discover, some may go along with our personal beliefs, others may clash with them, but never forget to follow the evidence wherever it leads. In the end, what you discover might be more impressive than what you thought it was.
Continue to be curious!
Sigfriedofgaea Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Too true.

Thank you! :D
chelano Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Let’s play a game! So I just FAV’d four of your art pieces that I seriously loved. If you want, do the same for me. Then after, do the same for someone else. If we keep doing this, we can make a chain and support everyone’s art. Even help the people who’s art gets lost in the search! Also after post this in the comments of the person you FAV’d!
Mytis Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Student Filmographer
Merci pour le watch!!
Melnazar Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
De rien, ton style est fort intéressant alors autant bien observer (et possiblement continuer ŕ apprendre)!
Mytis Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Student Filmographer
Merci!! ^_^
DanteSmilodon Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
I saw your comments on the Creationist stamp and blimey, that girl is an idiot.

And if your intention was to "educate" me, you should have asked about debating in the first place because I didn't read your reply.

You explained (partially) correctly why those 10 arguments were flawed, but that ***** won't listen. Just don't try to argue with religious people in the future, they can't reason nor question their faith.
Melnazar Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012
Alas, it's a bad habit I have when it comes to people making false assumptions about scientific theories. But sometimes, rarely I admit, one actually try to learn about the subject.
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