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Thea Falls

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Name: Athena Falls  AKA: Thea
Age: 17 yrs

Mortal Parent(s): Johnny Skyfall RIP
Godly/Titan Parent: Hera
Siblings: None

Likes: Writing (Mostly on a laptop), animals, hanging with Bryan
Dislikes: Zeus, fire, and losing her glasses.

Allies: Bryan
Enemies: Theseus Bolt
Weapon of Choice: Daggar (Some times Bow and Arrows)
Mist form: Dogtag with a peacock feather in the center.

Fatal Flaw: Undeterminded

Birthmarks/Scars: She has a birthmark on her left shoulder in the shape of a crown. She has a scar on her right upper arm of a freather, from a braclet that got heated up in a fire and her left fingure tipes are burned as well.

More information: Born Feb. 19, she was the only daughter of Johnny Skyfall, and Hera. When she was 16 years old, a fire broke out in the house, she lived in with Johnny. Her father died in the fire, but Thea got out, wounderuing the streets for a long time. Thea jumps from foster home to foster home, often getting into all kinds of trouble (not by her choice though). One day at school she met Bryan and the two of them became quick friends. Bryan is the only one who knows her real name.
She wears baggy cloths, and fake glasses to hide who she really is incase someone recgonizes her. But at camp, where nobody knows her, she wears different clothes.

Camp Life: She is unclamed, but Thea knows who her parent is, and Hera acknowledges Thea as her daughter. Hera "allows" Thea and Byran to stay in her cabin, since she is the champion of Hera. Bryan, who is a son of Apollo, also stays in Hera's cabin.
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