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Megara Sky

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Name: Megara Sky  AKA: Meg
Age: 16 yrs

Mortal Parent(s): Charlie Sky and Bill Thomson
Godly/Titan Parent: None
Siblings: Isabella and Charlie Thomson

Likes: Camp Half-Blood, archeology, and horseback riding
Dislikes: Having her life lanned out for her, Bill Thomson

Allies: Isabella and Charlie Thomson, Charlie Sky, Tommy Sky and Athena

Weapon of Choice: Trained in archery, swordsmenship and daggers. Useses a dagger more then anything.
Mist form: Braclet on her left wrist 
Abilies: Control over Mist, and Magic

Fatal Flaw:

Other information: Born Aug. 22, 2002. She trains under Percy at camp and stays in the big cabin in a spare bedroom. Can be found in the stables, Demeter's cabin, or Athena's cabin most of the time. Meg is the reincarnation of Hecate's last head preseats, Kassandra.
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