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Jinn in a Tea Pot

“Jinn in a tea pot” UwU <3
- ACEO card
- Size: 2,5 x 3,5 inch
- medium: mainly watercolors
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© 2021 Mellymiew
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kaykaysart's avatar

ahhh its sooo cute!!!

GalaxyPusheenDonut's avatar

I love it!!! I wish I could make art like that

Mellymiew's avatar

You could do even better art if you wish to! ^-^ <3 Just keep practicing and try new styles and over time you will be more happy with your art :3

LukeTheRipper's avatar

When you pet the pot, you have to pet what's inside as well :3

Kawaii-Day's avatar

What a cute smell of a kitten

Humble-3's avatar

So lovely and clever :D

CryoftheBeast's avatar

Imma drink it.......

Mellymiew's avatar

It tastes worse than it looks u_u

Spinogreen0IQ's avatar
Aww it’s adorable :3
acuteapoot's avatar

such a cute genie <3 i'd love to have a tea party with them!

Mellymiew's avatar

If you have a tea party with them you could wish for any tea that exists (and not exists) :') Thanks! :3 ♡

KirbyFan99's avatar
My only wish for this genie is to keep it and raise it as my own :3

I 2nd this. I think I would only wish for it to stay and not go away after our tea together.

Mellymiew's avatar

Aw this is a cute and creative comment - thanks! x3

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