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This is a very cheery work throughout. Beauty can be found anywhere if you know where to look, and the swamp is full of it with the sun...

While Lilligant is known for her tender appearance, you made her appear more dark and "creepy". This is noticeable in the thorny textur...

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I looked into Megaman 11 not long after it was released, and confirmed that not one of my ideas for Robot Master names got into the game.  I'm not disheartened that none of my character ideas exist.  After all, there is the hope that they will exist in the next Megaman game.
I don't have the system for Megaman 11 so I had to look into it on YouTube.

What I liked:
Many things I knew to be standard to that series are still a factor including a 3x3 Stage Select Grid, Rush, Eddie, Beat, and previewing newly obtained Robot Master weapons.  Speaking of weapons, Megaman is once again able to charge his Mega Buster after 2 straight games of not being able to do that.  After the bad art style of Megaman 1 and 2 was revived for the last two games, it was refreshing to have proper box art for the game.  I hated that Megaman 10 reused the power absorbtion animation from Megaman 9, so it was nice to finally see a completely new power absorbtion animation.  Megaman 11 has voice-acting for all the characters, and I greatly appreciate that Megaman has decent voice-acting for once.  The final battle against Dr. Wily being in the same stage as the rematch against all 8 Robot Masters gets nightmarish and tedious very fast if you are having a hard time against Wily.  That was particularly hellish in Megaman 7, and it likely would have been worse in Megaman 11.  But thankfully in that game the stage is over after defeating all the Robot Masters a second time; and it's in the next stage that players face down Wily in a two part battle.  Megaman 3 through 6 kept the standards I was used to all throughout, and Megaman 11 stays by most of them.

Initial Concerns:
I had my concerns about the game's graphics, but then I decided that it wasn't a really problem at all.  Especially when I remembered Megaman 7 and 8.  As long as the game-play is 2D, there is nothing really wrong with enhanced graphics.  Even still I like it better when Megaman games have 8-bit graphics, I can never get tired of that.  I also had reservations about the Double Gear System.  It can be a benefit to anyone for sure, but it did at first strike me as a gimmick, as players will have to rely on it throughout the game.  But gimmick or not, it does fit with the controls and graphics.  This system ends up bringing elements of The X series into the Classic series.  The Power Gear enables Megaman to shoot charged-up robot master weapons without actually charging them like the Mega Buster.  The fact that the Robot Masters have the Double Gear System means that they fight like X series main bosses, whereas when their health is low enough they go into a desperation mode and use more powerful attacks, and that is where the Speed Gear is needed.  I'm simply more used to fighting bosses with just the Trusty Sidearm.

What I didn't like:
I wasn't welcoming of the new shape of the letter W in Dr. Wily's new emblem.  That letter W should always look like it did from the start of the Classic series, not with the first line of it slanted to the left.  It also doesn't really work being placed above the gate to the Robot Masters' chambers if these robots were built by Dr. Light (even if Wily took control of them).  The next complaint has to do with a Robot Master's use of the Double Gear System, by who I mean Block Man.  When he uses the system he takes on a giant new form and once again has a full health meter, it's like his regular form isn't enough so you're having to deplete two health meters.  I've also always hated the message "You Got a New Weapon".  Maybe that's because that exact sentence was used in Megaman: The Power Battles and its sequel (which by the way: not great).  It's obvious that the weapon is new when it's obtained.  The game should just say: "You Got [New Weapon]".  And while we're on that subject: When Megaman is using a Robot Master Weapon, he takes on the physical appearances of the Robot Masters he got those weapons off of.  This isn't Double Soul from the Battle Network series.  Isn't just a different armor color enough?  It was also disappointing that Protoman and Bass are nowhere to be seen in the game.

Overall, it looks like an attractive game.  I'm still double guessing the validity of the Double Gear System, which I hope will just be for this one game.  The only things I really say that it needs are for Megaman to just have his color change when using Robot Master weapons, Wily's symbol to go back to it's original shape, and for Protoman and Bass to be playable.


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I am MellowSunPanther, but you can call me Sunny for short if you like; I'm not fussy. Being a panther, I am most at home in the jungles of India, but I am currently living in the United States.
I like making all kinds of artwork. My greatest specialty is colored pencil work, but I also like painting, photography, anything.
There is much that can be said about me: Nintendo fan, retro revivalist, world-traveler. All that and more is reflected in all the artwork I create for this site.
I have quite an interesting life to share, so feel free to check in and see what I got.


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