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Thank you so so so so much dear Anonymous Deviant, who gave as a Premium Membership!
Yes, that's right. A Premium Membership for 3 months!!!

You're amazing and unbelievable, dear lovely Anonymous ... wow... we're stunned, seriously.
We actually don't know why we're deserving this very kind gesture, but we're overjoyed. Although we would have loved to know who the wonderful person actually was, since we or rather me (zeldona speaking here) would have liked to make a special textures package just for you.

But however, we'll try to make some new textures soon and we're sorry for the lack of updates lately.
But we'll make up for it, we promise. :)

Once again, thank you so much, dear Anonymous. You're absolutely amazing!
Thank you all so much for your wonderful support.
It's so great and almost unbelievable how many people enjoy and above all appreciate our textures and Psd's. It's really overwhelming and we just wanted to say thank you.

Also we wanted to let you know that we favorite all the art that you make with the help of our resources. So please let us know, when you use our stuff by leaving a link to your work so that we can see what you made.
It's always wonderful to see what you create. :)

Once more, thank you so much. ♥
Your mellowmint girls.