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anxiety bites

this is for kyoukaraa draw this in your style challenge on insta!…
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Reminds me of Madotsuki from Yume Nikki

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God anxiety is terrible

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Instead of dying I’d just drink that water
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This is nothing but "SAW" this is "SAW"
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Yikes, awesome art, bad situation.  Though I'd probably act a lot more panicked than her if I was drowning in a tv; she seems more inconvenienced than oh-my-gosh-I'm dying.  Still, I love the colours and the shading.  By the way, anyone know what's written on her shirt?
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Hey the water is leaking out so maybe she's holding on until then
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I realize my reply is a bit late, but thank you for the translation!
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Now thats a good advertisement on a TV really shows some 3D!
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Poor little girl!This a terrible way to die ... :omg:
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I didn't know you could fall in love with a piece of art.
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This looks like something from the Saw movies, but much much less gruesome
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It look like something that jigsaw would use
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i swear i feel like i'm suffocating ;w;

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This reminds me of jigsaw in a way
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It is absolutely beautiful
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When I see good color I stop OvO , a bit depressing, but beautiful
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cute fishy giving sad girl a kiss
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wow oh my goodness this is incredible!!!
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holy smokes this must be the best thing i've ever seen from you. absolutely amazing
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lovely colour use and composition
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