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partially inspired by the dead fox I saw being torn apart by seagulls on my way to school.
But I went with ravens cause seagulls are too silly looking lol

I'm posting something after like...12 years of absence. Hi guys!! :peace: I'm back from the dead!
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This gorgeous piece brought me back to deviant art after about 6 years. Glad to find it on pinterest.

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oh yeah pinterest seems to really like this one. Glad it brought you here : )

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An absolutely fantastic source of inspiration you've got there!
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thank you very much , w ,
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Incredible stuff! So atmospheric and such an evocative mood, I love this style! Great work! Clap 
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late reply aaah

but thank you very much !!
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Wowzers. Your stuff is great. I'm a fan now. :D
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may I ask what programme do u use?? :00
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Clip Paint Studio :3
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it's amazing how this drawing gives me a creepy vibe but it also gives me a cute feeling?? super weird aaa
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Thank you! <3 I guess I drew the ravens sort of cute XD
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hi! its not 12 years ; ) 
about the artwork... its very impressive!! looks realistic and interesting, and the story from description.. well done 
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hi! I wasn't serious. That's called exaggerating for comedic effect ; )
Glad you liked the artwork tho <3
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So you taught me new thing :~)
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Looooovvve the whole mood of this!!

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Thank you so much! I'm glad you do! <3
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Wow this is beautiful. The silhouette is fantastic. 
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Thank you very much! :heart: 
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Fantastic work! Spongebob - Oh Hey Look, A Thumbs Up Icon  
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it!SpongeBob (Spread the love) [V1] 
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oh my god i love yr art so much??? i've been a fan of it for so long
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Damn! That is such an inspiring thing to hear! Thank you so much :heart:
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I adore the background, especially the sky! How the Heck did you do that? It looks fascinating! : D
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