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Fan art of Princess Luna from the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
She is my favorite character from the show, right in front of Pinkie pie.

Made in Photoshop, took about 4 hours.

Note: Edited to a newer version. A bit more polished.
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Great job on the mane, looks amazing! ^^
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Glory to Luna! Vivat Nocte.
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This is too perfect.
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that mane
is too awesome :D
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Wonderful work! <3
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THIS! is breathtaking! i LOVE how you incorporated the hair/background together! 
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Luna looks so magnificent. Her eyes looks perfect with her starry mane! :)
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I can understand. She is for so many. May I ask why exactly she is?

Your piece featured on EQD drawfriend tonight:…

BEautiful work
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This is absolutely beautiful. Maybe we will see other characters in the future? Anyway, I will follow your page as I just love your art style. Skål!
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I love how you drew her mane- the stars are gorgeous, and it has just the right bit of sketchiness to accent her eyes and face, which are fantastic in their own right. Fantastic job! :heart:
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All, bow to the princess of Night Eternal.
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instant fave, this is Wonderful!
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Thank you very much :blush:
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I love it, its very beautiful :)
Very nice work.
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Thank you very much :blush: :D
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omg! sooo pretty!

It looks like pastels!
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She looks adorable. I really like your style.
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