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My GeekTool Desktop

By mello2198
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My GeekTool iMac desktop, inspired by Ian Michael Smith who's desktop was featured on LifeHacker and he put together this tutorial video on how he created it:

The font used for all of the text is called Caviar Dreams

The wallpaper is called "Enlightenment" by Dominic Kamp and can be found on InterfaceLIFT, here:…
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Solid-IndustriesHobbyist Digital Artist
waaaauw!!! your desk looks magnificent!!! in an x-amount of time i'll have a new mac.... can't wait to work with geek tool !!!
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so cool! love your kindness!thanks
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Still one of the best ever seen!
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thanks so much! I still use this desktop and setup to this day... almost been a year and I'm not even sick of it yet. I have added a few more elements to meet my daily needs, but it doesn't clutter the desktop which is most important. Thanks again!
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Hi is it ok to use this to advertise something I made with geek tool? Its the same wallpaper, similar setup but I have @gotteric's Mnml GeekTool Batt Indicator [link] and instead of a bar, I have a rainbow that shrinks and grows depending on the battery :D
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go for it. :) Thanks.
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trmercierHobbyist Photographer
This is exactly what I've been looking for! :wow:
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ebricafProfessional Artist
What's the Font you used for geektool
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It's mentioned in the description - it's called Caviar Dreams. :)
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Do you have the PNG of the grass/tree by any chance? I'm having trouble pen-tooling it. And the magic selection tool makes the edges furry =(
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I'm sorry for the delay in my reply. last two weeks of school for the semester and I've been slammed with projects.

I've added the .png file to the description for resolutions of 2560 (original), 1920, 1680, 1440 and 1280.

I hope one of these is the resolution you needed. :)
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Thank you so much! I'm actually 1366, but I made it work by editing out the tree of the main Enlightenment background and then oversizing the grass/tree PNG.

Your desktop is a fantastic idea. When I have some time, I'm going to scour InterFaceLift for myself to find a similarly appropriate wallpaper to do this with.

Good luck in your studies!
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tntxx9Hobbyist General Artist
Love it !
I saw the post you mentioned on lifehacker but I like how I have my windows right now BUT I got my brand new Macbook Air 11' 2 days ago and i'm in a hurry to customize it, so hope you don't mind if I try to make my mac the same/similar as yours =p
Keep doing more love it awesome ;)
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MortheolHobbyist Digital Artist
First: your desktop is gorgeous;
Second: I love Imogen Heap;
Third: you are a genius.
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Thank you. You're way too kind. :) Yes, Imogen Heap is amazing! And I can't take all the credit for this concept, as mentioned in my description, but I saw the potential in this particular wallpaper and couldn't resist doing a modification. I really like the way it looks and I'm glad you like it. :) Thanks again!
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ebricafProfessional Artist
One Word Genius!
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Thanks! I'm very happy with the way it came out. :)
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