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Recently I came across a Journal Entry by <Rastifan ( that said, that some website took his art from DA and started selling it without his approval: This site is payposter .com (I added a space in the text, so that you don't click on it right away). Not only he was affected by this. They sell thumbnails for my free models as posters and my cosplay photos! I suggest you to check in and search your DA user name. But don't do more then that on this site (that's why I added that space before). I know, that payposter can put any kind of tracking/phishing malware on your computer, if you actively report on it. That's why someone created t
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Hi everybody! I know that I was/am very quiet about my activities in here recently., but I had my reason: About half a year ago I officially became a part of ME3EGM team ~me3egm ( and now I am it's current Lead Artist. It's v1.01 is live right now so you should check it out. It is currently the most complex Mass Effect 3 mod out there. It's features include (but are not limited to): -9 new squadmates (old ones from previous games) -new N7 missions and 17 new assignments -customizable Normandy -4 new guns and access to 21 new sets of armor It doesn't chage the story or the ending, it just add more to it. Many othe
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Hi everybody. As you all probably know now, the new version of XnaPosingStudio is out. Here you have a link to new version 11.0: XPS 11 - Osiris Lara Edition But in it there is still one thing missing: It still cannot deal with more then 2 GB of RAM. It's not really big problem, but for me it doesn't allow loading of some really big models. So for everyone who have PC with more then 2 GB RAM (and 64 bit Widows): NO IT WON"T help you if you have less then 2 GB RAM, or if you have 32 bit Windows. Small info: I've found this when I was looking for High Res mods for DA2. First thing you need is program called "CFF Explorer": http://downl
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Witam krajanina. Też lubię gry Mass Effect, chociaż fanartów nie zrobiłem.

Can you please make DMC or Bayonetta bikini/underwear xps models?And thank you for good Mass Effect models!

I don't own any DMC games and only have the first Bayonetta game.

Plus I don't take requests for XNALara/XPS models anymore, sorry.

well okay.But I have one more question - do you make fbx models?

For requests no.

It's not about the format, but about not taking requests in here anymore.

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I have been following that and I got to the part at paintnet. I don't understand what to do there, I renamed the textures and now I need to edit them? What specifically do I need to do with the "edits" and how do I export those textures?

That depends on what do you mean by export.

Keep in mind that the tutorial was written for XNA with the Blender being a midpoint.

In most cases if you only want to use Blender you can use textures as they are from the game (assuming you will link them in the correct way in Shader menu)