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Published: May 1, 2018
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The maiden Nimrodel in the grotto for which she is named (the name "Nimrodel" means "Lady of the White Grotto"). The linden-trees and the waterfall are in reference to Legolas's song in The Fellowship of the Ring (see below :)).

Nimrodel was a Nandorin elf living in Lothlórien when the Noldor and Sindar arrived in the Third Age. She disliked the newcomers, all except the Sindar prince Amroth, who became her lover. He promised to sail with her to the Undying Lands, but their ships were separated. As Amroth awaited her aboard his ship, a storm arose, sweeping his ship out to sea. Amroth leapt into the water and tried to swim to shore, but drowned in the attempt. The fate of Nimrodel is unknown. 

From The Fellowship:

“Do you hear the voice of Nimrodel?” asked Legolas. “I will sing you a song of the maiden Nimrodel, who bore the same name as the stream beside which she lived one ago. It is a fair song in our woodland tongue; but this is how it runs in the Westron speech, as some in Rivendell now sing it.” In a soft voice hardly to be heard amid the rustle of the leaves above them he began:

An Elven-maid there was of old,

A shining star by day:

Her mantle white was hemmed with gold,

Her shoes of silver-grey.

A star was bound upon her brows,

A light was on her hair

As sun upon the golden boughs

In Lórien the fair.

Her hair was long, her limbs were white,

And fair she was and free;

And in the wind she went as light

As leaf of linden-tree.

Beside the falls of Nimrodel,

By water clear and cool,

Her voice as falling silver fell

Into the shining pool.


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The story of Nimrodel was kinda hard, and she is one of the characters which doesn't get much attention, it seems.
You've done a wonderful illustration with a beautiful mood!
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MellarilHobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much!! I'm only familiar with her from The Fellowship of the Ring from the song Legolas sings. It was only after reading a bit more about the history of Lothlórien that I learned about why she wanted to leave, and the sense of alienation she felt when the newcomers came. Amroth was the only thing she cared about, and so it's doubly sad what happened to him :(
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It is a tragic story indeed.
There are so many characters, important or less, Tolkien created and is just unbelievable! There are many where I think 'oh, what did they?'...I often have to do some research again. And then I'm sometimes surprised what role they played, although it didn't take much part in the books. 
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alystraeaHobbyist Digital Artist
Tragic Nimrodel is hardly ever painted, I'm glad you did one of her! The colours are soft and gorgeous, and the light is beautifully done: the splashes of water droplets in the waterfall curtain, her hair which looks very luminous and silky soft, and the shading on her contours and the rosy flesh tones. Especially admiring the shadows on her shoulder and the light on her hip. 
Is the hand proportionate though? The fingers look super long! I must say she looks beautifully fragile and vulnerable, which suits the tragic tale. 
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MellarilHobbyist General Artist
Thanks!! I do quite like how this one turned out, I abandoned my usual use of textures and traditional-like media to see what would happen. I like the shoulder and hip the best too. You're spot on about the hand, always one of my worst sticking points -__- thanks for pointing it out!! I think I'll go on alternating between well-known and more obscure characters :) BTW this was the piece I entered into the Teitho fanfiction/art contest... and I won*! Yay!

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alystraeaHobbyist Digital Artist
hey congrats on Teitho!! Well done!! Clap 
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MellarilHobbyist General Artist
Hehe thanks! :D Though it wasn't too hard to win this time around...
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very beautiful pearl shades!
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MellarilHobbyist General Artist
Thank you!!! I used Procreate's default palette which is actually quite nice!
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