The Goldfish Wars

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The goldfish wars

It has not been registered quite how it started.
Most people go by loose rumours, but no one keeps any story as true. There is no knowledge about where they came from, or where they were going. They say you just remember the song and the gold streaks...

The higher parts of society have their own stories. Stories of leaders and politics gone wrong.
  The middleclass have another story. A story of corruption and disgrace.
  The lower parts of society tell of conspiracies. And the loners, the prostitutes and the homeless tell of a peculiar night similar to drugrides, but from drugs they can't remember taking...

Then there are the blind and the insane. Their story is the most interesting one yet.

One evening during fall, whether late or early no one seems to remember, the temperature had risen in that peculiar way it sometimes does when it has been extra cold for a few days.
  The air was fresh from rain, and the maple trees were a shining, warm red.
  This autumn was a beautiful one.

The one thing that pops into everyones mind when thinking of this evening, but which no one but those invisible will speak aloud, is the boy who was playing in the muddy grass.
  Everyone saw him, but only that evening. No matter where they were, he was seen.

He had dark brown hair, and rather gray eyes. His look was nothing you would notice more than in other children. He had clothes fit for rain, in a screaming yellow that immediately shines with dirt from the first puddle seen.

The boy had a toy of some sort. It is difficult to say what it was. From mere assumption you would say it was a plastic toy truck, but no truck has ever looked like that.
  He drew it through the mud, so surely it had wheels, but what it was no one knows. Even the insane stop talking, and think, suddenly drawn back to reality.

But when he got up, and went away, everyone suddenly knew that they had to find somewhere safe.

Before darkness fell everyone were safe inside. Those who had loved ones held them close. Those who didn't crawled up in beds or sofas, or whatever was at hand, trying to fall asleep, as to make the night be done with.

Then came the first song.
It was beautiful.
It was everything you ever wanted.
It was happyness and peace.
It was love.

Golden streaks flew silently past the windows.

The power went out. Those still awake lit candles. Everyone was tense, but no one panicked. It was going to be alright. It would soon be over.

Outside, the leaves on the maple tree wasn't warmly red anymore. They were glittering with golden dust, and turning yellow underneath.

The insane say they heard voices talking outside. It sounded like wind they say. Or rain.
Voices talking of strategies and filling up storages. Voices talking of outposts and how long they could keep this one at bay, without major disturbances.

The blind say they saw people who were not human. They were nothing possible to concieve. They simply were.

Later came the second song.
It was harmony.
It was understanding.
It was freedom.

Golden streaks swept through the streets.

No one was aware of how much time had past. No one was aware of that it should not still be dark. No one got hungry. No one got tired, or woke up if they had already been sleeping.

The golden sparkles fell off the maple trees. The leaves were going brown.

The drug addicts tell of a little girl. She was walking the streets, with no fear in her eyes. Her hair was dark brown, and her eyes almost green. Her dress was almost white, and her coat was softly blue.
  She didn't have a balloon tied to a string. They swear it was a goldfish, flying like a helium balloon.

She walked through all the streets there were, almost like she was registering everything on a precise map inside her head. Making sure.

They did not know what she was making sure about.

Then came the third song.
It was all that was needed.

Golden streaks swept past the houses.

Everyone fell asleep.

When they woke up, it was morning. It had snowed. The digital calenders showed that three days had gone by unnoticed. People said it was an arranged timeshift to adjust the calender to the seasons. The mouldy food in the fridges was blamed on the blackout.

After a while people even forgot that the gold wasn't as brilliant and shiny as it used to be. It's easier to forget.

They say you just remember the song and the gold streaks...

But mostly they do not speak of it at all.
The Goldfish Wars.
Newly written.
© 2004 - 2021 melladh
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she knows:::;
wot she is making sure about
the map is precise, too.
this time.
last time it wasn.t
but/ther will not be any collaterl damage, this time.
.....+and the boys truck.really, with a keener eye looks like an arrow, but man
what an arro,
i.ll sho yu sooooooooon....
but we shouldnt talk about it.]]]]]]
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This wonderful, I really enjoyed reading it, especially the way you've contrasted the 'normal' people not seeing anything, while the insane, blind and drug addicts saw strange things.
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Thank you *bows*
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"The blind say they saw people who were not human."
- Great sentence.

And the story is really good.
Damn, I wanted to read it some time ago... But ya know how it is. :sighs deeply:
But now when you commented on my.. er... something, I remembered I have something to read here!

:smiles and hugs:

Ah! And this is Irinn's dA, but, sincerly the stories are about me too. :smiles:
But if you would like to see some of my photo's:
[link] <==
melladh's avatar
thank you! :heart: and yeah, I really do know how it is ;)

Ohh curious, an own account too. Mm, I did write enough for Ekhemna to give her an own account, but then I stopped playing her.. and the rest of my chars, well.. heh I have too many to keep track, let alone keep track of any accounts dedicated to them O_O

Liked what little I saw of your photos from your front page, think I'll browse some more in the morning :D
Irinn's avatar
:smiles: Thanks, dear.
I played only one char, in fact. I am too 'Irinnish' and she is too much me so I could play someone else... :smiles: But I stopped playing for some time now. :sighs again:

By the way, I have 3 dAs.
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The only RP I get into is too much drama, and I hate drama, so I entertain myself with exploring everything instead, land to races to classes to professions ;) Why have you stopped playing?

3 dAs? Mm much to check out then :)
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:grins: Aye, much.

Argh, why? Erm...
Sorry but the answer is too complex... (is this the right word?)
melladh's avatar
Complex, yes, but perhaps rather "complicated". And no problem, was just curious ;)
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Complicated - difficult to explain
and complex - containing many information, many reasons.
:cheers: Ok, this is what I meant.
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