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Merentha char Skuld - grey
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Published: April 21, 2004
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This is my friend Kiki's character Skuld. She's a female dwarf, who has chosen the path of the scholar.

It's kinda hard to draw a female dwarf. :O_o:

Perhaps I'll add a colored version later on?

History of the name is the story of the nordic nornes. Skuld knows about the future. Read up!
This will be my own description of her from what I have picked up. If Kiki argues I might have to change it a bit :P

Name: Skuld
Race: Female Dwarf
Class: Monk
Subclass: Scholar
Kingdom: None (Adventurer)
Guild: None
Level: 4

Skuld is a bit of a careless scholar, who only really cares about knowledge. She has lost the buckles for her robe, so she closes it with a safetypin instead. Her grey robe is stained with ink from a bit of writing, of which size you can see lying beside the books.
She keeps to the small town of Cabeiri, close to Atherias major city, Whitestorm. Now and then she goes on journeys, fighting whoever may stand in her way with hard knuckles as her only weapon. Perhaps to find strange items, or books, or hidden spells, or mystic stones... To tell the future of Atheria and Cardania, and all the little islands surrounding the two continents of Merentha.
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Comments (8)
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o.o Female scholar... Dwarf... *drool* Great drawing.
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thank you :)
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Cool. My first characters in RPG were dwarfs both times. I love them, even more since LOTR. I dig Terry Pratchet's description of female dwarfs, too ;).

BTW, just a thought if you're going to colour it. Would it be possible to take away the dots on the paper? I know it's not easy, but perhapes you could select the bits that aren't part of the character and blur them or something. Just a thought.
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Nope, doesn't work. That'd leave me with patches of dots instead of dots of dots. I tried.. Atleast, I can't do that, I don't have the patience. Though that's a major reason to why I'm coloring eala as a completely digitalized drawing, to get rid of the squares.. :|
That is also why I might never finish her.

And btw, always copy your letters before you press send, and then always check so they've been sent, especially during system-maintenance-days
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I'm learning that the hard way. Thanks for the tip.

BTW, I've got some free time. Would you mind if I had a go at cleaning thins up a bit? I've got this sudden urge to play with photoshop. I can e-mail you the result, if you give me your adress.
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hm.. I'm not sure.. I'm very sensitive about my stuff. If you touch them they might not be mine anymore :) Though if you do it behind my back, and never let me know, then... what I don't know might not harm me? ;)
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thats really cool! hehe, it would be great to see it coloured
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Thanks for your comment :)

I might try to color it, though I'm really not a patient kind of person, so if I do it'll be the same coloring as that of Zaare [link] which got kinda nice, though a bit more undetailed :O_o:
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