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I'm a software developer and a researcher. Sometimes I make artsy things, too!

One time I made an interactive pony wallpaper for Android devices. Check it out here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vcQku…

And I'm Back!

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It's been something like 6 months since I last made a papercraft, and I'm happy that I've finally made the time to get back into it. It turns out that doing a combination of two jobs, planning for a convention, and trying to write a thesis so I can graduate next month is enough to put art projects on the back-burner for awhile. But with most of those things finally getting wrapped up (and the con season coming upon us), hopefully I'll be finding the time for it again. Keep an eye out!
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I'm finally back from BronyCon and just about caught up with everything I missed while I was away. BronyCon was an amazing experience, and I really hope to be able to go back and have just as much fun next year. I met amazing people, old and new. I have to admit, I'm always drawn to a con because of its event list and guests of honor, but afterwards I always reflect that the best part was meeting other bronies - meeting friends, old and new. But BronyCon was also a particularly special con for me because I had an entry in their Sun and Moon art contest. While I had never held out much hope of placing well (I mean seriously, have you seen th
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Product Rebranding (or, I have a new screenname)

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As a few people are sure to notice, I've changed my handle on DeviantArt (a migration I'm slowly making across the various websites I use). The impetus the change is that over the last year, I've found myself a member of online communities in which I have begun to actually meet people in person (at conventions and such). It seems to be standard behavior amongst folks who typically interact with you online to also want to use your online handle as your indentity when in person. It's a custom I fully understand, but it makes it a bit of a problem that I have been using a screen which is a string of consonants and was concocted 15 years ago fro
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Your work is so good! T_T
Great namechange!
Thanks for the watch:) I hope you enjoy the ponies
Thank you for the watch add :)
I decided it was finally time to watch-add the people I'd been manually following anyway. :P I've been enjoying checking out the papercraft you've been making!
Oh I'm sure it'll be easier this way :) thank you so much!
So hi! Today I give you a big talk! :D
I'm Bianca, that weird brony girl that spammed you in real life xD


Oh well, I think I'm leaving now, tomorrow I will take a look to all of your deviations... I still love your art! <3

Hasta la vista baby xD (?