I don't understand

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How is it July??
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Soo my birth day came early
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I think it's a massive April fools prank gone out of control. I mean didn't the year just start a couple months ago?
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One of the world's greatest mysteries.
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same here :-:
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Wait, it's when? o.O
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I only keep track of the first part of summer because one of my cats...actually seems to have gotten over her crippling fear of fireworks.
In past years I've wanted to go all HULKRAGE and file a noise report against every single person within 5 miles who has their own backyard fireworks. Unfortunately the source of the sound is hard enough to pinpoint that I've never been able to do so.
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i know right wtf. i checked the calendar yesterday and was like 'WAITWHAT?'
since last i had checked it, it was like june 26th
its already flippin july. 2013.
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... OH YEAH! It's jUly, I had completely forgotten 'bout it!!
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it's definitely magic C:
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its July?!?!!? oAo;
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:giggle: time flies a little too quickly sometimes!
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