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Roughly 11 inches x 12 inches (not counting ears)
Made with fleece and felt


I made Percival for a charity art auction my friend hosted back in April. He went home with an adorable little girl.


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Aww.... So cute :D
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Beautiful! I just love this!
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I find it really funky
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very classy looking
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this is so cute.
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OH MY GOSH!!!! This is beyond adorable, and it's SO good to have you back!!! ^^
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Thank you so much! It's good to be back :)
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You're welcome! I can't wait to see your next creations!! :happybounce:
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Oh my goodness... SO adorable! That little girl will be very happy!

You find such cute fleece patterns. I look around at my local store but don't seem to find patterns like this. I more often find patterns with characters on them at the like that don't work at all for plush making. Where do you shop for your fleece?
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Thank you! I'm really into patterned fabric right now, it's fun to work with. I buy most of my fleece from They have a decent selection of patterns, but they do switch them out pretty quickly, which can be frustrating.
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AWWW....he is adorable! I wish that he went home with me. :)
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So cute!!!!!!!! (^0^)
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oh hes just adorable :)
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aww thats so cute mega ultra cute
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Super cute! Love the colors :D Do you machine or hand sew your plushies? The stitches look pristine :)
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Thanks! I use a machine for all the major parts, but I stitch details like markings and eyes by hand.
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Awesome :) I'm super impressed by how nice and even the stitches are! Hopefully I'll get there sometime lol xD
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