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Hello, Our Name is Dexter

All around 9 inches tall (not counting the ears, which add maybe another 5 inches)
Fleece and felt


I've been making Dexter for over three years now, and he remains one of my favorite characters. Here are just a few color combinations that I particularly liked from past craft fairs and Etsy shop updates.

Dexter's story:
Poor Dexter was born a little oddly proportioned, with big, big ears and wings too tiny for flying. Luckily his friends don't really mind carrying him around.

Dexter through the years:
Dexter (the original... proof that you shouldn't be discouraged if your early attempts aren't perfect!) [link]
Dexter v2 [link]
Dexter Times Three [link]
Dexter Goes Trick or Treating [link]
Dexter Goes Caroling [link]
Winter Bats [link]
Dexterrrrr [link]
Dexter Be Mine [link]


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Can I purchase one of these adorable bats? Where? How? I love them!

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Oooooh so cute!!! Bunny Emoji-30 (I'm cute) [V2] 
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Too cuuute! Love the huge ears and sewn details! 
If you sell these lil dudes.. please contact me at -- you have a TON of things I'd like to decorate my newborns room in..
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oh sooo cute. maybe i totally missunderstood but is there a sewing pattern for dexter up somewhere?
I have been searching for the brown Dexter with the red heart for over two years now. This is my first time in this website. Will someone please tell me how to purchase one?
Saige730-i don't know a ton about it but don't think you purchase through deviantart at all, I'm pretty sure it's just a place for people to share their art. She does have an etsy shop and her own website. The etsy shop
is empty though so I'm not sure if she quit making them. and her etsy shop is sugarposse. Sorry that's all I know, just happen to be searching for a Dexter myself and just sent her a message the other day, but haven't heard yet. Good luck-hope we both get one. :)
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Oh my gosh! A friend bought me a pale yellow one of these lil guys for my birthday two years ago and I love him! So glad to stumble across you on dA. 

I didn't know his name was Dexter. I've been calling him Quentin... Now he probably has identity issues.
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I many or many not have freaked out about these little guys. That black and purple one is ADORABLE! I squee'd over them! 
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So cute it brings me to tears
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SO CUTE!!!!I just wanna reach into the computer and grab them!
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They're so damn cute, please tell me you're selling them or will be again because i would love love LOVE to buy them or all of them!
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so damn cute!!
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I was searching for some cute things and I came across your adorable dexter.
My I ask if you sell these?
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gold hands!!!!! very beautiful!!!
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Saw these on Pinterest. I love them! ^_^
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Oh my fudge that's ADIRABLEE *ADORABLE!*
I had tried everything this was my opportunity knocking at the door ive finally reached the top youll see what I mean
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