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Fishball Keychains

Each about 2.5 inches tall
Made with fleece, felt, and metal keyrings


Who wouldn't want a little squishy, fishy friend to travel with?

These are mini versions of my fishballs :)


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Wow, no new comments added for over three years. I'm sorry you left DA such long time ago.
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Already clicking the watch button ;)
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The damn cute. Why do we find round things with big round eyes so cute?
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AWWW they are SO CUTE :aww:
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I didn't think you would create these little cuties again!
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they are wonderfully cute, awesome job!
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Hello! I featured in the latest issue of Artisan Craft News as one of the most notable examples of artisan crafts. Have a good week! :D
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Cool, thank you for the feature!
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No problem ^^
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I love these little guys!
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Awwww, how adorable! those would be great to take with you places. :)
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They are so cuuute! :heart: And very neat :)
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Aww, these are so cute! <3
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how much are they? or where are they to buy?
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They're available at my Etsy shop: here :)
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how did you link it like that with a word?
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I used HTML tags. Someone put together a nice little guide to some basic tags here. You can skip down to the section about links if you want!
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