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Everybody Here is a Cloud

Roughly 9.5 inches tall, not counting the arms
Made with fleece and felt


Snow and lightning themed two sided plush thing. A gift for a friend, finished in February of 2011. Inspired in part by [link] and listening to a lot of Cloud Cult. Title is stolen from a song off their album Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes).


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Snowfeatherwolf's avatar
Love cloud cult, and love your interpretation! So cute :)
theblackitty's avatar
These are SO cute!!
pandagirl7171's avatar
That is amazing! I reallllllllllly want one! Ur super good at making Plushies.
AshitaUchiha's avatar
SO ADORABLE! I really want one. <3
LindoSonido's avatar
do you sell these?? i want some!
MystPhaze's avatar
Wah! Adorable~!
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squeekaboo's avatar
So adorable! I love that it's 2 sided...
the-raincloud's avatar
Im a cloud
very cute plushy
BlackFoxBravo's avatar
Finished in February 2011? Do you mean 2012? Also awesome plushy!
melkatsa's avatar
Haha, nope. 2011. I'm just slow to upload here :)

NaMIanLIoN's avatar
Nice! u made this? I WANT ONE!!!! :D
8BitBrainz's avatar
These are awesome, you should make like a super light pink one with a little rainbow on it. :I But these are rly cool too.
dewinthesky's avatar
i meant a llama!
dewinthesky's avatar
omg this is so freaking adorable! its so cute. here, have a plushie
aza721's avatar
How cute are these!
Higginstuff's avatar
This is such an adorable idea! :D
Aeveis's avatar
yay cloud cult, haha.
jklingchibai's avatar
HopeSwings777's avatar
Adorable! I love your icon too!
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