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Blue Tiger Sharkling

Roughly 6 inches x 9.5 inches x 7 inches
Made with fleece and plastic safety eyes


Sharklings are crafty little creatures and have perfected the art of charming their way to a full stomach. It's difficult to resist a sharkling in full look-how-cute-I-am-feed-me mode, and most people find themselves happily offering treats before making any conscious decision to. What's funny is that sharklings are susceptible to their own strategy. When traveling in groups they'll somethings fall into an endless loop of passing food around, each trying to feed the other.

This guy was part of the Luv-able + Hug-able show at Gallery Hanahou in December of 2011.


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Pattren shark please

This has to be the cutest shark -- or sharkling -- I have ever seen!  *flails*
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do you sell your work ?
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Looks so cudly :)
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O.M.G.... So cute... O///o
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hahaha cool
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He's so cute! Although he's already a bit fat, still want to go hunt some food for him :D
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Naaaw I want one... *_* is it still available?
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This one is so damn cute aaa ;w;
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A cute guy! = )))
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WANT!! Must get one.
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I want one so bad right now.
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ITS SO FUCKING CUTE. he's so chubby and asfdgfdhdgd
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Soooo beautiful!!! Do you have a shop website or an ETSY page?

PS to the commentor below who "hates sharks", please think again - they are amazing creatures that are vital to the health of our oceans - take a look at this trailer and then try to watch the movie, it will hopefully change how you think. [link]
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I "hate" sharks! but that's the cutest I've ever seen!! XD
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