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Kisekae tail exports

By melisssenpai
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This models are messier than I'd like to, but some people asked me to release this codes!!

You probably know I made the snake tail for my Snake Boi, but I also remade a mermaid shit ton of time ago and made this tail from scratch.
Disclaimer: The tails look better with some clothing covering the place where they join the body.

 - If you use them, credit me! Either with a tag, my name or my icon
 do not repost the exports!! if you want to share them just link back here 
 - Link back to this deviation too! So other people can easily find it as well
 - You just need to credit me the first time you use a tail
    - (but if you use another tail for another character, then credit me again of course)
 - You can change or edit colors and pieces freely, as long as you credit me too
 - just give me credit dammit


This exports modify the leg position, the two body tabs, the ahoge and belt tabs.
They are not meant to slap onto your finished characters. This are more like BASES.
Also, changing the head or body size will fuck up the tails.
I'm sorry I didn't have the time and patience to find a way to make them universal, so I only recommend to edit this things if you know what you're doing.
If you have questions I'll do my best to answer them, but don't blame me if you slap this exports onto your character and everything breaks - I warned you!!

Snake tail (uses ahoge slots #24 to #30 and belt slots #1 to #8)

Mermaid tail (uses ahoge slots #25 to #30 and belt slots #1 to #4)

Made with Kisekae 2 (NSFW)
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© 2017 - 2020 melisssenpai
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melisssenpai I'm not that experienced with this game, so can you tell me where wich slot is?
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I used your Snake Tail again for this deviation, but spiced it up a bit for my character. I was planning on using the Mermaid Tail at first, but it wasn't as long as I needed it to be, so I went with the Snake Tail.
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Pretty impressive, I must say
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I ended up using one of your tail exports for my take on a friend's Spawn to Dragon Challenge.
Thank you very much for creating these, my Lindworm boy wouldn't have been possible without them.
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Love the mermaid tail! I haven't used the snake tail yet, but that's because I'm having to spend so much time changing the color of it. Once color change is done, I'm sure I'll love it. Head is quite small though, is there a reason for it? It doesn't matter too much as I can edit the head size to what I want but I'm curious.
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How can I change all the colors of the Mermaid tail?
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it's all hairpieces and belts!! sadly pochi has no way of changing all the colors at once, you have to manually change all the pieces' color one by one
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Who or what is 'pochi'?
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pochi's the creator of kisekae!! he's a cool guy
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I've never heard of him until now.
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the stuff you make in kisekae is always so cool !!!
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aaajfnks thank you so much!! ;;v;;
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ware do i down lode the base software ?
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there's nothing to download, kisekae is a browser flash app!!
deviantart won't let me paste the links bc it says it's spam, but in this group's description you can find them
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Mother Time

I used the snake tail and edited it a bit to look more like a ghost tail. Thank you for this, you're a life saver. ^^
melisssenpai's avatar
ooo it looks great!!
and i'm glad to know my exports are useful ovo
ShannaHeart's avatar
Thank you!
They were super useful. ^^
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I couldn't upload it here but I uploaded it on Google Plus, I credited you though.
Link to post is…
The tail was so hard to adjust ;-;
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ohh thank you!!
i'm sorry it's a messjkfna the new kisekae versions are pretty fucked up, i should fix my old exports :I
KuroshitsujiFan1015's avatar
Yeah, It's aight tho I managed to fix it later xD I had to edit the images though because I kept screwing the tail up QvQ
Also, You do what you want to do, They are still pretty good exports ^~^
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Oh my! These are certainly some of the best naga/mermaid tails we've seen. Kudos!
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ahh thank you so much!!
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