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High waisted, keyhole, and tied shirt exports

By melisssenpai
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Hello peeps i am back with more exports

So some people asked me for some clothing items I've made (TF-SquareSting and GaygerTheLame mostly), and I was thinking about releasing them already so here they go!!!

 - If you use them, credit me! Either with a tag, my name or my icon
 do not repost the exports!! if you want to share them just link back here 
 - Link back to this deviation too! So other people can easily find it as well
 - You just need to credit me the first time you use it on a character
    - (but if you use it on another character, then credit me again of course)
 - just give me credit dammit!!! just put <link> by @ MrsRendezvous come on it's not that difficult

High waisted jeans: (uses belts #19-#30 and bottoms tab)
use with any legs you want!  Click here if you have the glitch that pops them out of body boundaries!

Keyhole: (uses belts #1-#9)
use with any shirt you want!! looks fine up to breast size 9-10, for smaller boobs you'd want to remove the belt #6 that creates cleavage


Tied shirt: (uses shirt tab, belts #1-#7 and ribbons #29-#30)
 i'm sorry i HAD to use ribbons!! I made this code with head size 0, you'll probably need to adjust them

Extra! Cool choker (uses belts #1-#6)
Uses belts #8-#13, compatible with the tied shirt

Made with Kisekae 2 (NSFW)
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My gosh, it's very beautiful! I'll probably gonna use it.
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You are truly a goddess
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Mey|Kisekae Oc by KarinaGEstranha  And i used the shorts on my oc =3

(man, those shorts are fucki** beautiful)
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jdkfvnadjksA glad you like them!!
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Puedo usar solo los shorts de jean?  
melisssenpai's avatar
claro!! para eso están uwu
GodHand-99's avatar
Corregi algo ,ya que me comi una regla de alli xD 
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TF-SquareSting's avatar
Thank you so much for these! :heart:
I've already gave one of my characters the tied shirt and high waisted jeans as a bonus outfit. Hopefully I can show it out soon!
melisssenpai's avatar
no problem!!! glad you like them ovo
aaa i can't wait to see!! I'm sure they look great~
TF-SquareSting's avatar
I just did ^^ check it out!
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Course! I do hope you continue to make more of these beautiful exports
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hail the queen of kisekae clothing!!! 
gucci and chanel are shook;
 Kanato Maniac Laugh 50x50 GIF 
melisssenpai's avatar
hmgbjhsa i am no queeen >////>
but thank you so much!!!
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finally omg cegvrtbhynvbtrny
melisssenpai's avatar
why finally you had them on Premiere
but i updated the tied shirt a bit so
GaygerTheLame's avatar
bc i got lazy with dming you for the exports x'DD
and yay!! owo
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YEEEES......I LOVE EM!!!! ill use them

(ofc ill credit :3)
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