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Diabolik Hair Exports (Pack 1)

By melisssenpai
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Fabulous vampire hairstyles, stored here for your convenience!

A lot of people seem to like Satoi's boys' hairstyles, so I made separate exports for them so you people don't have to import the whole vampire just to give his haircut to your character of choice.

 - If you use them, credit me! Either with a tag, my name or my icon
 do not repost the exports!! if you want to share them just link back here 
 - Link back to this deviation too! So other people can easily find it as well
 - You just need to credit me the first time you use a haircut
    - (but if you use another different haircut for another characer, then credit me again of course)
 - You can change or edit colors and pieces freely, as long as you credit me too
 - just give me credit dammit

Here you can see the characters the hairstyles come from.

Blond fluff

Dark megane hair

Albino emo bangs

Tomato head

Lavender-haired psycho


Sly fox mane

Diabolik Lovers (c) Rejet

Made with Kisekse 2 (NSFW)
Edited in Photoshop CS6
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© 2016 - 2020 melisssenpai
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I used Blond Fluff but it's on Amino. If you wanna see it it's here:
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i dont get it lmao that's shu sakamaki's from diabolik lovers they couldnt be more different hahaha
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thank you for the credit!!!
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::.Mangle.::[Kisekae] by Inkimu
Thank you!!! 
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ahh i'm glad you liked it!!
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Ilya Minami by LysBlood  thanks for the hair for kuna+~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel 
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ahh you're welcome!! 
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Is it alright if I use and edit one of these hairs to use for my OC? I'd of course credit you and link back to this page~
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sure it is!! that's what they are for~
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They're so beautiful!
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ahh thank you!! uwu
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Can i use it for my comic?
(Why am i asking this everywhere, god, my fingers hurt, i'll copy and paste)
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sure!! just remember to give credit on the description uwu
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I will, don't worry
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