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Diabolik Accessories Exports

By melisssenpai
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Some of their most iconic accessories, now here in handy exports!

I've seen some people using some of their accessories, so I made separate exports for some of them so they're easier to use!
I also changed the slot orders so you can combine them easily with your character's own belts and ribbons. Enjoy!!

 - If you use them, credit me! Either with a tag, my name or my icon
 do not repost the exports!! if you want to share them just link back here 
 - Link back to this deviation too! So other people can easily find it as well
 - You just need to credit me the first time you use an accessory
    - (but if you use another different one for another characer, then credit me again of course)
 - You can change or edit colors and pieces freely, as long as you credit me too
 - just give me credit dammit

Click here and here if you want to see exports for the hairstyles!

MP3 player (uses belt slots #1-#8 and ribbon slot #1)

badly done tie (uses belt slots #7-#10)

doll collar (uses belt slots #1-#5)

web choker (uses belt slots #1-#4)


book (uses belt slots #5-#10)

scarf (uses ribbon slots #1-#7)

chain necklace (uses belt slots #1-#4)

glasses under eyepatch (uses ribbon slots #1-#6 and hairpin slots #1-#8)


just the eyepatch (uses ribbon slots #1-#6 and hairpin slots #1 and #2)


Diabolik Lovers (c) Rejet

Made with Kisekse 2 (NSFW)
Edited in Photoshop CS6
Image size
2000x1500px 1.01 MB
© 2016 - 2020 melisssenpai
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Woah! It's done really well! I might use those on my OCs. Ty for creating those!
melisssenpai's avatar
ahh thank you!! I'm happy to know my exports are useful
Kizouriin's avatar
I've tried the web necklace now. (still hadn't done anything with it. tho. ^^;) How do I make it even smaller?/wider neck?
melisssenpai's avatar
you should go to the belt codes and change the negative numbers that are between -26 and -28 (those are the width values. You can adjust a bit the -30 to -38 if you want to change the height. the more negative, the smaller it will be)
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I am going to make a rock girl with her. I do need to learn how to make an off-shoulder shirt. ;_;
melisssenpai's avatar
cool!! there are some off-shoulder shirt exports around that might help you!
Autumn Collection #2 by Surmak

Kisekae: Three New Necklines (with codes) by RainbowFan256
Kizouriin's avatar
I was more onto THIS kind of shirt: (from the game Miracle Nikki) OTL
melisssenpai's avatar
that's actually quite easy to make!! just use the mismatched sleeves option (with #10 t-shirt and options #1 and #2 for the sleeves you can make something similar, and put a couple of belts to edit it a bit)
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you welcome hun! ♥
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do you have yui komori's hair and accesories?
melisssenpai's avatar
Noo, I don't have them!! I tried to do them, but couldn't u.u
now that we have more hair slots I'll give it another try!!
lovyvlychan's avatar
0-Short-Stack-0's avatar
im just telling you someone used the web choker and did not credit…

im pretty sure they used it here too…
melisssenpai's avatar
I know!! We're cool, she can use it without problem ^^

thank you for the heads up anyway!!
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amazing ;_; you have too much blood and unicorn magic 
melisssenpai's avatar
aahh thank you!! yes I made some sacrifices
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Holy cow this is awesome!!
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Aiko-Strawberry-Sama's avatar
Whoa you did amazing 
melisssenpai's avatar
aahhh thank youu
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