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March 24, 2010
foxy lady by ~MelissaReneePohl
Featured by LineBirgitte
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foxy lady

This is my first attempt at doing a caricature, a "light" caricature to be more specific. It didn't as well as I hoped it would, considering it doesn't look much like the intended celebrity, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I recommend checking out the full view as the image is fairly detailed.

Created in Adobe Illustrator CS4

UPDATE: OMG, a DD, I can't believe it! Thanks so much to brgtt for featuring it!

And thanks for everyone's support by telling me it's obvious who it's supposed to be. I feel a lot more happy with the way it turned out now. :)

A bit about my technique: I did not use mesh at all in this piece. Instead I used layers and layers of simple translucent gradients. I also used lots of custom brushes for the hair, and symbols for the freckles and some other details.

Please visit my website: [link]
also for great vector stock, check out my portfolio here: [link]
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Pasangrock's avatar
very nice work :D
RaenOne's avatar
Inspiring and equally impressive
Austin-Comix-Inc's avatar
Emmasphere's avatar
The fact that this is a vector.. <3 Commentt~
MelissaReneePohl's avatar
ricardown's avatar
wow! Well Done! :D
DeviantJC's avatar
good work..:trophy: Online Digital Painting Competition :trophy:
Visit -------------------------post ur best 2 arts..
QasemBarzegar's avatar
thanks alot for submiting this really beautiful caricature to our group.:thanks:
Al-Kabeer's avatar
Excellent work… Keep it up!
2wingo's avatar
. . . I can't believe it took me this long to realize that it's supposed to be Megan Fox.
satishverma's avatar
very very nice and very cute.
I recognized this immediately, it's very good! I like the nose and cheekbones especially, they're definately Megan Fox's. Well done, I love megan fox!!
losromanos's avatar
just 1 thing to say.... AWESOME ;)
narLycm's avatar
Wooooooow! Amazing!
yeah..! Its really nice
ChiTheDesigner's avatar
Wow, the detail and coloring on this is just crazy. You must've been training for years on end.
MelissaReneePohl's avatar
yes, I have been vectoring for 3 years now and I am obsessed! :)
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Ok, I had no idea it was Megan Fox, but doesn't really matter. This is done really well. :clap:
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