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apple icons

Some icons I created which are modeled after the mac logo, only in a naturalistic style.

This File contains 8 icons of different colored apples all in the rsrc format for use with Mac OS.

These icons were created in Adobe Illustrator CS4, with the aid of Icon Composer, and ICNStoRSRC

to learn how to create your own icons try this [link]

or more cool icons I made that you can purchase at very low prices, click here: [link]

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I love these and have used them as Hard Drive icons for years. Thank you Melissa.

These are very beautiful!

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nice - fresh - idea! ))
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Really like these. Thank you!
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thanks, love your fruits very much!!! used for my desktop:))
niccceeee job!
Thanks-- they're like fine art! I'll share your page with my peeps. Cheers.
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Bloody gorgeous.
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hehe nice!
Really cool!
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Not only do I love the Apple icons you did, but I appreciate as a newbie your link to creating your own icons. Thanks!
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really nice icons..
thanx. :dance:
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Thank, and you are welcome. :)
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thanks a bunch!
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Awasome!!! Thanks!!!
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these are amazing :)
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