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May 8, 2011
Sleeping with the fishes by ~MelissaReneePohl. Our Suggester tells us: "gorgeous popculture at it's vector best... the textures will drive you crazy with "ooohs and ahhhs" being your first response. She's captured a vivid world of detail, that captivates the deviant as soon as they see it. Now that you're hooked... (get it, hooked..) :rofl:, don't forget to look at the freckles on her shoulders. you might just miss how charming they are..."
Featured by ChewedKandi
Suggested by Asher-Bee
MelissaReneePohl's avatar

Sleeping with the fishes

This is something I did around 2 years ago for a class assignment. I never totally finished it, and I had originally planned to finish it before I posted it on DA, but lately I am thinking I will probably never actually finish it, so I might as well post as is.

Done entirely in adobe illustrator, using mostly the brush tool, and the pen tool. 100% vector

Be sure to check out my website here: [link]
My portfolio of stock graphics for sale here: [link]

OMG, another DD! Thanks so much for pixelledanddead for suggesting it. I am glad you noticed the shoulder freckles, lol! And of course ChewedKandi for featuring it as well.

I will definetly make the needed changes to the typos, but unfortunately it'll be a little hard to change the fact that hyrdocarbons have been removed from hairsprays and this poster is outdated! Anyway, thanks for all your feedback!
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piethein21's avatar
is it ok if i use one of your fishes for an embroidery project?
ahniton's avatar
Will you please put a tutorial on youtube! [link]
irkeninvaderxara's avatar
Nice! I hope people get the message.... never really used hairspray
2012willrise's avatar
what a good piece of art! i love the idea of putting about purlotion its a big issue.
da-ekko's avatar
and what was actually missing that you didnt finish it???
Eddy-all-die-for's avatar
alienparade's avatar
Aerosol cans don't actually contribute to global warming as much as other green house gases do. They used to have CFCs which causes ozone depletion, but ozone depletion =/= global warming (or should I say, it contributes very little).

So while they may cause some air pollution, they really aren't as serious as everyone is making them out to be.

Nonetheless this is an amazing drawing!
Thank you for posting that, I was about to say something myself but I wanted to see if anyone else had. Should also note that CFC's were taken out of aerosol cans because of the damaging effects they had.
alienparade's avatar
Yes they were. C:
I forget in what treaty though haha.
Same.still the art work is nice
IsisbeadS's avatar
Awesome pic and powerfull message :D
Coconutsdismount's avatar
she looks like hermonie granger. thats pretty awsome. (big smile)
MelissaReneePohl's avatar
Thanks, I guess she does a little bit :)
Devilchild93's avatar
I use non aerosol ones, herbal essences has this really good spray gel.
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ok, so the earth's atmosphere weighs around six hundred quintillion tons. That's 580,935,000,000,000,000,000. Animals eating, breathing, dying, and rotting produce about 220,000,000,000 tons of CO2 every year. Humans (doing the same) produce about 26,400,000,000 tons a year. Volcanoes worldwide emit about 300,000 tons *daily*.

So, I'm gonna use hairspray, I'm gonna drive my car and leave it running to warm up in the winter, I'm going to wash my clothes at peak hours and use regular 100W light bulbs, because this is fucking crazy. I am fascinated by the idea that anyone thinks we can hurt this planet. Do whatever you want, but don't put your ridiculous laws on me.

Oh yeah, nice drawing.
MelissaReneePohl's avatar
just a note. I did this for a project so, it was not my idea at all. In the class I was actually really annoyed that the teacher was trying to push her agenda on all of us by having us make a poster for greenpeace which is an orgnization which has some extreme ideas if you ask me. Anyway, I agree with you that worrying about hurting our planet is rediculous. Whatever we do to it, it can surely recover from, and moreover, it does not have feelings for us to hurt.
However, I do think that it is reasonable to have the opinion that we should avoid polluting the earth in order to make sure that the world is suitable for human life in generations to come.
random-anomaly's avatar
that is an absolutely fascinating addition to the story. Thanks for that.
DirtySeagulls's avatar
The world needs more people like you, in fact, you should run for president, or why not a whole step further and go for world leader?
That way, we can all just fuck up the world even faster and kill us all even quicker :D Fuck the environment, fuck the animals, RIGHT???

-_- You sir, are a horrible person.

You know that the world would not be able to function if insects were eliminated from Earth, everything would perish. If humans were eliminated, the world would thrive.
So, be more respectful and treat the world you live in with some respect.
KiWi-KaRnIvAl's avatar
Save the snails!
Kill yourself! :)
random-anomaly's avatar
Yeah, I'm pretty terrible. Imma go play with my cat now until I feel better about who I am inside.
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