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The Goblin Gang



Full View, please.

They hang out on street corners, in dark alleyways, and arcades, just waiting to lure some poor unsuspecting jerk into the shadows where they can rob him of anything of value. They're also wanted for numerous other crimes, including public drunkeness, mishchief, vandalism, and bad fashion sense. Copper is their leader, mainly because out of all of them, he's the most intelligent (probably because he's fae, not a goblin). Beware though, he's more dangerous than he looks. That handsome face has robbed women of more than just their money and jewels.

From left to right: Trench, Copper, and Tag (and, like with roaches, when you can see one goblin, there are at least three more you can't.)

Photo/model reference: [link]

[updated to tweak some old elements that kinda bugged me. Also, now in prints!]

A Fractured Fairy Tale by *bloodrose83 is based on this image and received an Honorable Mention in my Strange Sights Story Contest
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Looks like World of Darkness' Changeling setting!!