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The Crow King

So I decided to go back and revisit the subject of an old painting that I wasn't happy with any more. At the time that I painted the original… , it was one of my favorite pieces, but since then... whenever I look at it I see something I really don't like. A lot of somethings. Particularly his outfit.

I'm much, much happier with this new version of the character. I imagine that in a few years I'll want to do it over again, but in the meantime I'm pleased.

Details here: Attending the Crow King-detail by MelissaFindley
Partial Walkthrough here:…

And I'm putting together a time-lapse video of the entire painting. It's just slow going since it's a big file.
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Oooh, lovely. He's gorgeous and intimidating all at once... perfect fantasy fella!
DipikaMathoora's avatar
amazing work ! I have featured it here :)
empressofmelnibone's avatar
I love this picture.
saracaindica's avatar
There´s such a special mood in this work.
MariaFeliciano's avatar
insanecatlady's avatar
Stunning work t5he crow is so well detailed and your characters face really stands out almost 3d with the lighting you used excellent work
delira's avatar
I love the atmosphere :)
demonsaya's avatar
I know I've commented on this piece before, but I seriously smile every time I see this pop up on my favorites list...
DustpanGirl's avatar
First thing I thought when I saw this: Spock! It's the ears and the eyebrows I thingk :)
TTSnim's avatar
Yes, yes that was my first thought too! I know it *isn't* Spock, but I couldn't NOT see it. maybe one of those weird planets where they had to dress up like that time with the gangsters or Nazis. XD
padfootb3's avatar
This is great, very dark and mysterious. All the branches in the background and the change of lighting really add to the piece, and I love his face and costume.
Carles's avatar
Nice entry. It has been a while we last talked. How have you been ? Fine I hope.
ceruleanvii's avatar
I like the detail you've done with the character, but the background is what I'm liking most of all, all those gnarled twisty branches. Really sets up an appropriate environment for him.
nightangelerik's avatar
there's something so breath-taking about your work. you capture originality and detail so well that it's truly inspiring. it makes me wonder what his story would be like. someone should write it. ;-)
EireSilvermist's avatar
A breathtakingly beautiful peice with such incredible detail! Wonderful, simply wonderful. I especially like all the small details, like his fingernails and the head peice. Great job!
Pika-la-Cynique's avatar
I love his crown, and all the crazy little things on strings in the brambles and twigs.
kaede-kit's avatar
Beautiful work; I love all the little details. :)
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This really has to be my favorite thing from you, Mel. He has a certain aura about him, mysterious, bemused...I can see him spinning some dreams for the unsuspecting dreamer.

In fact, this image reminds me of a dream with the way the background descends into darkness with a hint of glowing sunbeams lighting his face. It's a wonderfully subtle and awesome effect.

And those blackening nails are neat too. I could just devour all the little details in the detail shot all evening. Love it:D

Oy you make me want to get off my bum and play with my tablet, which sits neglected in lieu of the watercolors!

SephirothCrystal's avatar
He looks....idly amused. Bored, even. This is one of my favorites from you, sooo gorgeous. <3
demonsaya's avatar
I seriously feel like three of my characters were plucked from my brain and given form. It makes me want to write...agh, now my muses are starting again and I have to work today >.<;;

Wish they'd give me the inspirational sales...
Ferrilonver's avatar
Amazing art and very professional :D
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