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Pale Prince

So, in the process of installing a new hard drive and cleaning up my computer, I've been finding a lot of old files that were either close to finished, or finished but in need of some tweaking. This was one of the second kind and I'm not sure why I never added him to my gallery. He only needed a few minor adjustments. As I continue to clean up my computer I may add a few more of these older pieces.

This was originally conceived as a much needed update of my much older portrait of Hamlet. I have a few of these projects in the works (updates of older paintings that I no longer like). This isn't quite the final product I had in mind, but I'm fairly happy with the style of it.
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Eep. Right now all I'm imagining is how scary he'll look when he has a spaz at Laertes and Horatio has to pin his arms behind his back to stop him breaking the poor guy's neck . . . Despite my abject fear of Hamlet - had to do his soliloquy for drama :O - this is great. The detail is . . . *sighs wistfully in a particularly Shakespearean way*.
Keep up the good work!
- M
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I must said this is impressive. Not just for the Hamlet inspiration (which is good) or the quality of the art (which is stunning). MMostly because one of my friends is a writer of horror stories, and he has a character who looks just like this guy. Here, check this commision made by another excellent artist for the Character, is UNCANNY! [link]
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I love the subtle green lighting on the right of his face!
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This painting is amazing!
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This is absolutely stunning. I love the composition, the style of the medium, the super-realistic painting look that makes it feel like it's only one step out of the uncanny valley, everything. It's hard to take my eyes off of it.
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Gorgeous! Love his eyes, and the platinum hair! "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio. A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy."
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Oh man, Hamlet has always been my favorite Shakespeare play. This is awesome! Did you base his face off of Branagh? He's got those cheekbones going on a bit, I think.
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"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him Horatio . . ." Wonderfully crafted, I'm super in love with Yorick's skull and that calm and calculating expression on the Danish prince's face. His pale eyes are almost colorless, I find that very appealing for Hamlet. Accolades, my dear.
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Nicely done, Mel. I'm glad you found him.
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Is it just me or does the man resemble James Masters [link]
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Coolios. I love the eyes and smile.
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It makes me so happy to see an art update from you :D I think I remember you showing me this one - love his icy eyes and pale skin.
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wonderful work.
Mel, as far as I remember you use Painter as well as PS - could you recommend Painter?
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Great job! He reminds me a little of Malcom McDowell.
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I love the detail in the teeth, the touch of the earring, and the script in the back ground... A very nice portrayal of the Prince of Denmark, I think!

Thank God for spring cleaning of hard drives, and thank you for sharing your discoveries with us!
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