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Painting the Eye

I put this together this morning, intending, originally to post it on my blog, but I think it's better laid out this way. Which means I get to upload it here, so people can download it full size. :D

Please DO NOT repost this on other sites, redistribute it, etc. You may, however, link to it to your hearts content.

Provided, that is, you find it informative.

I painted this in Corel Painter, however, it should work just as well in Photoshop or whatever paint program you have, provided it works with layers and layer settings.

Please be aware: I paint eyes so often that it's like breathing for me. Sometimes I do things without even being aware that I've done it or how I did it... I tried to break everything down as simply as possible for this, but if you need clarification, don't hesitate to ask.

Eyeball model: me (image isn't stock) [link]
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amazingace's avatar
Thanks for your help :)
hefeigal's avatar
This was a huge help, thanks a lot! :D Very simple and informative.
ReddyArts's avatar
Wow, that's fantastic! :D Do you use Corel Painter for all your pieces?
hyperskygirl's avatar
thanx for sharing
theresams's avatar
great tutorial
axiouz's avatar
Nice tutorial :]
Jennifahr's avatar
awesome tutorial! I really hope Ill be as good as you someday :)
Heres what I managed to do; [link]
many flaws...
I have a LOT to learn but it tought me so much!
Thank you :heart:
dangel88's avatar
It's amazing something so amazing could come from something so simple. A great tutorial!
SaigoKarasu's avatar
Which tool did you use for the starburst pattern? Could you elaborate more on doing the irises?
MelissaFindley's avatar
It's just a round brush, semi transparent, and you just kind of blob in the colors in that sort of a pattern.
SaigoKarasu's avatar
How do you select and/or create skin tones from a single base color and which tools and methods do you use for hair?
Sirielle's avatar
And it is you indeed :D
Sirielle's avatar
This eye in reference looks familiar :D Great job! :thumbsup:
CherishedMemories's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial, Hon. :hug:
silentsteel's avatar
*applauds* WOW! Very nice - and I have got to try this! :D
Veronika-Art's avatar
Wow thanks for sharing this amazing tutorial!
-vengeance-'s avatar
Great tutorial, thank you!
warui-shoujo's avatar
Very nice and detailed! I just learned a bit with textures :nod: thanks!
KaynessArt's avatar
that's a very thorough and educational walkthrough Mel :D
SparrowsFlame's avatar
That was so awesome to read! I don't do any digital painting or drawing, so it's amazing to me what you can do on the computer. I love watching your painting on youtube, but it goes so fast, it's hard to keep up. I enjoyed reading this to get an idea of what you do. Thanks for sharing! :)
eldris's avatar
Wonderfully written tutorial :nod: I've never thought to do contour lines over an image before, but I think that would really help me :D
zwijamzabawki's avatar
wow, very impressive :)
you must have put a lot of work in it, and we appreciate it ;) :heart:
keight's avatar
Thanks, Melissa.
Logovanni's avatar
So, you didn't lear how to do this somewhere, this is just kinda the best way you can describe how you do it?
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