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My first time doing a CHOW assignment at Topic was "Queen's Consort," which played directly into an idea I'd had the night before so I had to paint it.

See... I started life as a theater major. It's been my dream since I was probably about 14 years old to direct (or art direct) a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It's my favorite Shakespeare play (probably for some obvious reasons) and I've never seen a version of it that I felt really explored all the possibilities in it, visually.

I got to costume a stage production of it in college (where I also got to play Hippolyta), but our director had absolutely NO vision for how he wanted it costumed. First he wanted the Faeries dressed like rock stars then like pop stars then like an English garden party. It was all over the place, and all my ideas for costumes pretty much ended up in the gutter and the final was cobbled together with a small budget and a lot of just finding things in thrift stores and sewing on some leaves.

It was really a disappointment.

Off and on over the years I've toyed with drawings of various Midsummer characters, but I've never really solidified my vision of how I'd do it (given an unlimited budget). This is probably the first time I've really nailed down precisely how I'd want a character to look, if I were to actually stage the play.

This, obviously, is how I would imagine King Oberon. Tall, stately, regal, arrogant, lazy, vain, and a bit of a jerk when it comes right down to it.

And before anyone says anything, while he's a King, he's also quite definitely Queen Titania's consort. I've always felt it's pretty obvious she wields the real power in the relationship and Oberon is a the "scorned" lover out for revenge.
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Regardless, that is one sexy fairy king
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Why does he have branches?
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I like your vision of Oberon. He seems more dark, brooding, and has a great presence about him. I adore Shakespeare's works and hope to perform them. From what you have said I really like the ideas you have for "Midsummer Night's Dream". Seeing Shakespeare's work reinvisioned in new (or old-styled) ways is wonderful. 
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This is beautiful. i can see this being Oberon. Love your interpretation. Will  you do Titania?

I always got vibe that their duties leave them almost no free time and that by spending time with changeling, Queen is spending 0 % eith him.
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I love this guy. He's epic. BRILLIANT job :lol:! We need more of this guy. I'd certainly LOVE to see more of this version of Oberon. I bet Shakespeare is nodding approvingly in his part of Heaven :D
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Wow, i love the way you made him [me] look, I think A Midsummer Night's Dream has to be my favourite Shakespear aswell we read it in English and I was Oberon's part so I really love the way you drew him. Also, I understand what you mean about his character traits and yeah, I also agree he is kinda vengeful.
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I hope you don't mind. I am going to base my description of Oberon for my story off of this picture. You did so amazing and I would love for my Oberon to look like this. I will add in credit for you in it. Gosh, so perfect. Amazing work on everything. :D. I love it all.
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I really love this one ! Fairies are not nice creatures :D
His horns are perfect =)
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This is absolutely stupendous! ö
I'd love to see what you could get out of Titania.
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BEAUTIFUL! I love Oberon, :).
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I like the picture alot and you really did nail it. (To tell you the truth, I think Oberon is a full time jerk.) Still it's good.
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Wow, he's beautiful! Never heard of the Midsummer Night's dream, but I know who he is. He's in one of my fantasy books. :D
Great job on the coloring! :meow:
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Me thinks he'd make an excellent father for Jareth from Labyrinth. Especially Pika-la-cynique's Girls Next Door. :)
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Woah! I can totally see that!
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Yeah I figured he'd get everything physically (not to mention the fashion sense ;) lol) from Oberon. And then his eyes and hair (and some of his personality) from Pika's Jadis. Anyway, I absolutely love it and I can't wait to see more!! :D
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Hahahaha. Fashion sense indeed.
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I especially love his eyes.
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he's beautiful.
i've never seen him as the queen's consort, and still not positive that i agree. but i definitely see that in this rendering design. absolutely lovely.
i started out as an art major and switched to theatre. i think this is fascinating.
the design is almost always better than its realization, sadly.
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enchantingly beautiful and flat out amazing! SNAPS FOR YOU! i love this! it's incredible!
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Mel, you really know how to do great guys :D

I love A Midsummer Night's Dream too, and I am not dissapointed with your version :D
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I love this. I had the pleasure of actually playing Oberon in our high school's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and i only wish i had a costume like this.
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Wow! I love it. This is amazing. Same goes for the other pic, with Puck and the fairy. They;re both absolutely, unbelievably awesome!
P.S. A Midsummernight's Dream is my favorite Shakespeare play, too. :)
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