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Elf Girl

Because I’m tired of seeing my work stolen and reposted on foreign blogs and sites:

Cette image mai pas être changé, modifié ou utilisé d'aucune manière sans l'autorisation de l'artiste.

Это изображение не может быть изменен, отредактирован или использованы каким-либо образом без разрешения художника.

Це зображення не може бути змінений, відредагований або використані будь-яким чином без дозволу художника.

Esta imagen no se puede modificar, editar o utilizar en cualquier forma sin el permiso del artista.


A commission portrait for *Eldanis.

I'm deeply envious of that dress (even though I imagined it... ::sigh::).

(edit: 8/6/08) Several years after painting this I find it is the number one most stolen image from my gallery. It is also the number one image people request to use for various purposes: avatars, icons, sigs, tags, tubes, background images, etc.

So, to clear things up:

NO, you may not use this image as an avatar, icon, for your personal website or RPG character.

NO, you may not cut it up, add glitter, recolor it, or otherwise maim and maul it.

I'm sorry.

How would you feel if you paid me to paint your portrait and then I went around and let everyone on the internet use it for free? Not good, right? When I find it stolen on other sites, I will do my absolute best to have this image removed, even if it means that I have to find your ISP and have them shut down your site.

Stop stealing my work.
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DHBW's avatar
I hate to see talent, especially like yours, abused like that. Excellent work!
rababco's avatar
So beautiful! :love:
EmeraldKeefe's avatar
That and my Elf's hair is longer, goes to her knees.
EmeraldKeefe's avatar
Wow, this is really good. It actualy looks a lot like an Elf OC I made for an AU storyline or a tabletop game, Warhammer Fantasy. Only difference is mine has a lot darker blue eyes, and her hair is lot more wavy/curly. But still it's absolutely lovely!!! :)
fillin123's avatar
-+but why didint you colour the elf green
KaelinaLuvsLomaris's avatar
She's so beautiful!!
LothlorienElves56's avatar
Soooo very very pretty :) And I love that you drew her without makeup. Thats what I consider true beauty :D
PointedEarsGirl's avatar
luv da dress design, beautiful hair.
Lokorn's avatar
It's a so beautiful picture =)
alygabbard's avatar
very beautiful you should have the dress made
pancakeeeee's avatar
This is stunning! I'm jealous of the dress too. Wonderful, wonderful job!!
Ninja-Bree-chan's avatar
Oh my GOSH! This is gorgeous! I've been staring at it for like 10 minutes just studying it! You have an amazing talent!
Sensabaughs's avatar
The whole painting is awesome. Even so, my favorite part of it is the dress. Blue is my fav color, and it just screams anyone who loves dresses. Good work.
Eva-Dragon-Goddess's avatar
ur work is beautiful I'd understand why somebody would want to steal it (not that I'm planning to lol) but I guess sometimes you can think good of an annoying thing, like the fact that people wouldn't steal crappy artwork, not sure if that makes u feel betta =)
DreamerLoverLiver's avatar
icypenguinz's avatar
I love that its nice lol I am going to be an elf for halloween and that gave me a good costume idea!!
Ilovemovies15's avatar
thenarnianlullaby12's avatar
I want that hair and that dress!
Elven-Vampyre's avatar
very lovely elf! :) <3
lyghtkeepr's avatar
love this picture :)
WargusEstor's avatar
Hello this image has been featured here: [link]

Have a nice day
DroopySama's avatar
nice! :D good work
ze-mane's avatar
very nice and beaultiful
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