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Brian Burnham - CoC

Created for Call of Cthulu: Silver Twilight Lodge. This is probably one of my favorite FFG cards, to date.

Please do not reuse, redistribute, republish, etc.

A note on size: This image, when printed, is only a couple of inches wide/tall--less than the size of a standard playing card.
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You make me insanely jealous of you abilities with perspective. SO dramatic! So awesome!
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I know all about "Call of Cthulu" as I have read Lovecraft. So what exactly is this game- cards, I take it? Like a Magic sort of thing... or am I way off?
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sorry for the late reply. Been a bit busy.

Yes, it's a card game, released through Fantasy Flight Games. It's similar to Magic the Gathering but it's based on the Lovecraft mythos.
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excellent perspective!
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Your choice of angle is wickedly intense.

Thanks for sharing.