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A Mercurial Mind

The third of my Wonderland portraits, the Hatter has a special place in my heart. I've been trying to paint this guy ever since I finished the Queen portrait, but it finally gelled for me.

Other wonderland portraits:
Queen of Hearts:…

You may be thinking... "hmm, with all these Wonderland portraits, does Mercuralis have some kind of evil plan in the works?" and the answer to that would be "Maybe, I do." :D
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Always loved the hatter. And jesters. And the joker card. And the ace. But not the queen of hearts... No, only hatter.
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This is a great Hatter piece! My favorite part is his eyes. His hair is wonderful too. I love the tones you used. Much love!
HikariOkami's avatar
The eyes are just...amazing! Wow, very realistic, very good! this is how the Hatter should be. I have never seen the attraction towards the Mad Hatter, and I didn't care for the Burton-Depp version, but that is sexy and insane, and sinister all at once. Feels like there's a story behind that smirk, and it's not one for the kiddies...
Alfihara's avatar
he def looks wicked! wicked sweet :heart:
Just love this one
All-These-Kiwis's avatar
A-Mercurial-Mind's avatar
You have truly captured the essence of the Hatter ... and, of course, I love the title of the piece. :+fav:
BlackJakeRandom's avatar
I can barely wait to see Johnny Depp in that outfit^^
vault8's avatar
I really like the rich, warm colours in this and the lighting, beautiful work! :+fav:
melli-melian's avatar
Brilliant! I absolutely love it.
ryoko25's avatar
IT'S HATTER! *glomp* I've always loved the Mad Hatter.
Zeke2040's avatar
Love it! The silvery-white hair and eyes really bring out a fantasy / supernatural feel in the character. Great work!
drewidice's avatar
This picture is absolutely amazing 8D
SephirothCrystal's avatar
Absolutely amazing. I love his playfully sinister look.

Is playful the right word? Cheerful, maybe....hrm. I think you get my meaning, but gosh his eyes and that smile.
love his look makes him more complex in his derangment
xEvilAngel56x's avatar
Wow how do you do it
SeekHim's avatar
He looks scary and yet intriging
luvnote4u's avatar
delightful! i love it
celticreeder's avatar
He can serve me tea any day. Or just serve me in general!
fantasydreamer59's avatar
Wonderfully done! :heart:
TalentedChild's avatar
simply fabulous. I adore the Hatter, he's such an interesting character in the books (...In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass).
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