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A Darkly Tangled Skein

A drop of blood bloomed on her fingertip and like a petal falling from a rose, Briar's eyelids slipped closed. Dreams, dark and tangled, ensnared her as the spindle and wheel fell to pieces, only to grow again into a thick thorny hedge protecting the sleeping princess from all who would disturb her slumber...

If I were ever going to do the cover of a book of retold fairytales, I'd want it to be something like this. Something dark, lovely, and a little twisted.

Loosely referenced from the lovely faestock…

I screencapped this one, so a video time lapse may be forthcoming.
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Reminds me of the cover art for the book Green Angel by Alice Hoffman.
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THis makes me think of Spindle's End, an amazing re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, written by Robin McKinley.
It's absolutely stunning.
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This reminds me of the book Green Angel.
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Hair on thorns. This could be problematic.
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This reminds me a lot of the book Green Angel. Have you read it? I read it a long time ago so I don't remember if it was really good, but I remember really liking it and this image captures a lot of what the story was about.
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Beautiful work. :)
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you should do a full body picture of this i just love it so much
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most beautiful i love it a top job
Your gallery is lovely, but this one caught my eye in particular - this almost looks like her hair itself is the source of the thorny bush - lovely twist on the old story
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She is amazing, like coming from another planet and yet, so so human. I love her!
Great job!
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Your work has been featured in my news article [link] :)
You have been featured here: [link]
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It's beautiful! I love retold fairy tales, and this would be a perfect cover. If this ever goes on a book I would buy it just for its cover. Wonderful job!
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This is unbelievable, this is painting? My God, is perfect as ... You have a wonderful work! I loved so much! Congratulations!
your work amazes me, its all so beautiful.
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This is beautiful... reminds me of a poem I wrote a while back.
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i really like the pretty green in this piece!
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lovely dark!
a total :+favlove:
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Very stunning, one of my good friends bought this for me as a birthday present.
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I always wonder where my prints go in the world. Glad to know you liked it. :D
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