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Tutorial: Digital Pencil Portraits

Warning you right now, this file is F%$&ing HUGE. I got a wild hair up my ass as I was working on the final portrait of my series and made a tutorial as I was going along. Kind of sloppy- hope its not too hard to follow. Hurrah multitasking. I'm not sure if this is a tutorial for digital pencil or drawing portraits in general. Either way I hope you find something in it useful!
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Left eye is wrong on Christopher eccelston.
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WOW. This has been incredibly helpful. Thank you! 
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thank you, this has been very helpful so far
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Well damn! This is amazing! Will be referring to this from time to time!
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Hooray! Hope you find it useful!
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Really thank you! this is something different for me and i found it really helpful

you are awesome!
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Glad you like it, I hope it helps!
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This is truly amazing. And your work is fabulous! Thank you so much!
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Hopefully it comes in handy. :)
Thank you for your generosity in sharing you tutorials it is much appreciated!
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They are fun to make. :)
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I love tutorials. Thanks for sharing some of your secrets.
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No prob, I enjoy making them. :)
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i fucking love you. this will help me a lot. thank you.
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Hooray! Glad to help!
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Thank you for this! I've been wanting to attempt a pencil-like drawing on my photoshop ever since I for my new pen tablet, but wasn't sure how to start :aww:

btw, I love your examples on the tut! They are all great! :love:
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Thanks. Hope it wasn't too confusing haha.
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I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but reading through it, it made sense to me :)
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