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Neck Reference Updated

This needed an uplift badly. I've been having issues drawing necks and shoulders lately so I figured it would be beneficial.
I know all these are anatomically correct because I basically took a bunch of pics of my neck and then traced. XD
Ahm a cheater I know.
There ya go 24 goddamn necks and shoulders... well... 48ish shoulders...

I could not find a really good reference for necks on this site so I figured I'd make my own lol. I just took a bunch of pics of my neck in different angles and copied.

Hope this comes in handy
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Where has this been all my life? And the shirt text is hilarious XD
h-Nox's avatar
Thank you. Extremely useful.
Raffag's avatar
Thanks, Melissa ;I think is very-very useful !  ;D
jayarrh's avatar
Thank you so much for this!
DracaJade's avatar
you have no idea how great this is
deideiblueeyez's avatar
Great tutorial. I especially love the expression on the bottom left model :lol:
kiwop's avatar
This helped me so much!
LennyB8000's avatar
I'm training it right now. :)
LennyB8000's avatar
the 3rd one looks hard to adapt because the face is incompleted.
Krazzulimaii's avatar
Lol the shirts.

This could be super helpful, thanks!
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thank you for sharing this !
Helps a lot ! :>
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Thanks I really needed this references :D
I like it very much.
Thank you.
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thnx its good :) 
thank you... thank you very much for this :o
satiredun's avatar
really great references, thanks so much!
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This was INCREDIBLY helpful.

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Thank you so much. There's only so long you can look at your neck in the mirror before going insane. :P
BubblesKim's avatar
thank youuuuuu, it helped me a lotLove 
FishingJB's avatar
Thank you soo much! :D
MattBlackArtist's avatar
Thank you so much.  I have been struggling to get my head/neck/shoulders to turn out correctly.  I think this is the single most helpful thing I have found, and my technique improved greatly within minutes of finding this. 
AssassinaPirate's avatar
PERFECT!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I LOVE YOU!
Very helpful. Thank you!
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