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TG story commissioned by :iconcaptaincaption: that should have been posted a long time ago about a guy who becomes a magical girl.
Published:   |  Mature
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Cabbitgurl's avatar
Wow... so Marie was the one creating the denians? What a twist... like woaaaaah.
Avarus-Lux's avatar
Very nicely written 3 part story, i enjoyed it quite a bit, the reveal of marie being the bigbaddie of the story wasn't per se necessary but gave an okay twist to the story that allows for a continuation if desired.

Lovely picture too, have you made that yourself Or is that made by someone else?

Either way, thanks for the fun read :3

Denojab's avatar
Of course that’s the twist at the end.
nice story.
will there be more?
Meliran's avatar
If it's commissioned, there will be. :P
xxCantgetupwithaname's avatar
I'd love to see more of this
Meliran's avatar
It's not my call. You'd have to discuss it with CaptainCaption. XD
xxCantgetupwithaname's avatar
:iconcaptaincaption: Would you mind letting us have a continuation of this story? I'm sure some of us won't mind sharing the cost...
CaptainCaption's avatar
If you want to pay for everything sure but I don't have the funds to do a commission right now.
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