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Fire and Shadow III: Erica's Story

So after 2 years of nothing, I put out 1.5 novels in a day. Well, everything comes in bursts I suppose.

The 3rd novel, unlike the first 2, is a prequel consisting of 2 novellas. This is the final polished version of the first novella, the story about Erica and her past shortly after the death of her mother. The second is still in progress.

Artwork is by the talented :iconkazenokaze:
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Do you post the commissions people make to you?
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Sometimes. I got pretty bad at it later on because a few of them were weird (not yours, btw), and I stopped trying to judge and just didn't post.

CrystalDev's avatar I don't want to pry too much, but I can't imagine there'd be something one would be simultaneously willing to write and yet so ashamed as to not post them. :/

I mean, this is a TG account, there HAS been some strange shit.
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I don't know you write this great novel. Nice work! :love: